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The Victor Milan Memorial Page

Victor’s long-time close friend George R.R. Martin wrote a memorial blog on 13 February — Another Ace Falls

From Victor’s now-defunct FireBringer site (courtesy of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine)

  2. The Hog-Fat Suckers
  3. Random Rants

Published in Doing Freedom (courtesy of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine)

  1. Spiral, Fire, Skin

Published in The Libertarian Enterprise

  1. A Civil Society
  2. A few semi-random thoughts on hearing of the [EgyptAir] crash
  3. A Plea To My Military Friends
  4. Alchemy: Turning Amber Waves of Grain to Glass
  5. And It’s One, Two, Three, What Are We Fighting For?
  6. And It’s Five, Six, Seven, Open Up the Pearly Gates
  7. Appeasement In Kosovo
  8. Bad Medicine
  9. Cops with Guns
  10. Crypto Nazis
  11. Down By Law
  12. Fear & Loathing, 1996
  13. Giving Up the Gun
  14. Hand Me The Strela, Stella
  15. Hey, Mo!
  16. How We Lost the War of Juanita’s Lip; Or, Return of the Balkan Tar-Baby
  17. I Will Never Give Up My Guns
  18. It Didn’t Work
  19. Kick the Habit!
  20. Lawyers, Guns, and Money
  21. Letter to a Gun-Grabber: The Wrath To Come
  22. Lies Our Forefathers Told Us
  23. Making the World Safe for — What?
  24. Police Marksmanship (?)
  25. Population Control, Seven Corpses At A Time
  26. Questioning Authority
  27. Questioning Authority Too
  28. Questioning Authority Trey: But Is It Safe?
  29. Questioning Authority Four
  30. Questioning Authority #5
  31. Re: Letter from L. Neil Smith
  32. Re: TLE #94
  33. Re: “What’s This Movement About?”, by Paul Bonneau
  34. Rogue Myth
  35. Sharing the Blame
  36. State of Disunion
  37. The Madness of King Rat
  38. The Mask Comes Off
  39. The No Vote
  40. The School-Security Scam
  41. The Time is Then
  42. The Vultures Fly High
  43. True Democracy or, Let’s Kill Frank & Steal His Shit (also here)
  44. Volunteers of America (also here)
  45. Welcome to the Jungle
  46. Where’s the Terror?
  47. Will You Bend the Knee?
  48. Would Killing Hitler Violate His Freedom of Speech?
  49. Would You Give Up Your Guns If Thomas Jefferson Told You To?
  50. Y2K: Soup, Raincoats, and the USMC

Published at [Tor Books site]

  1. Five Classic Works of SFF by Authors We Must Not Forget
  2. What Does George R. R. Martin Have to do With Dinosaur Lords?
  3. Wild Cards: Evernight

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