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Sunday, 19 November 2017

[FPI] To Whom It May Concern: Is there a FPUSA?

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Subject: Is there a FPUSA?
Local Time: November 12, 2017 6:36 PM
UTC Time: November 13, 2017 1:36 AM
From: Mike Blessing

To Whom It May Concern:

Does FPI[1] have currently any affiliate(s) in the United States?

Mike Blessing

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  1. Freedom Party International


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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

What would a Libertarian Administration look like?

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The Gary Johnson presidential campaign seems to be the Libertarian Party’s best chance at winning the White House to date. That possibility seems to have lots of people scared out of their minds.

So let’s take a look at some ways that a Libertarian Administration would conduct business.

First, we need to understand that libertarianism is all about the Non-Aggression Principle: No one has the right to initiate force or fraud against anyone else, nor to threaten or delegate that initiation. No exceptions will be granted “under color of law.”

Also understand that we’re NOT looking to be Romney / Bush Republicans with “L” after our names. If we wanted that, we would simply cut to the chase and sign up as Democrats.

With that in mind, here are some examples of the policies that our prospective Libertarian Administration will undertake:

First, a Libertarian Administration will NOT seek to expand the size, intrusiveness or expense of government by one iota, on any issue. We’re not looking to grow the federal government — not by two percent, much less the ten or twenty percent that a Clinton or Trump Administration will attempt. At worst, we will FREEZE it where it’s at when we take the reins. The 2017 budget that we receive on January 21st will be the budget for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

No, we’re not looking to expand the welfare state one bit. Nor are we looking to create more regulations upon business or your personal life. Those regulations stifle creativity, growth and economic progress.

Second, the White House will become a pardon factory. All of the people in prison solely for federally-mandated victimless crimes — sawing off a shotgun barrel, having more than a certain amount of marijuana, draining a puddle on their own property — will be pardoned, because they didn’t really do anything wrong.

Third, we’re going to STOP putting people in prison in the first place for those victimless crimes — after Obama decided that he can pick and choose which parts of Obamacare he can enforce, we can choose not to enforce the victimless crime laws, as well — and we’re going to call for the repeal of those laws.

Fourth, we’re going to drastically reduce taxes, if we can’t wipe them out completely. This idea that we’re going to settle for a 25-30 percent national sales tax is nonsense. If we’re going to compromise on a tax rate, it will be more like five percent, and disregard that “revenue neutrality” hogwash — that’s just pundit-speak for “We don’t really have to cut spending.”

Fifth, we’re looking to fundamentally transform the welfare state from what it is now — a massive top-down, bureaucratic system for legalized vote-buying — into something that actually helps the people it’s supposed to help. We’ll turn the various agencies into 501-c-3 charities, and forbid them from taking tax money or lobbying governmental bodies in their charters. Then the people who support them will know that their donations will go a lot further.

Nor do we support any corporate welfare. No more bailouts, no more tax-funded football stadiums, movie subsidies, or contracts for white-elephant projects. The “Albuquerque Rapid Transit” inanity is a prime example of this.

Sixth, on foreign policy: for decades, libertarians have been defamed as “isolationists.” True isolationism was Japan between 1635 and 1853, or China between 1757 and 1839. We simply don’t want America to be micromanaging the affairs of the rest of the world.

Seventh, we will not support forced association under the rubric of “non-discrimination” or “public accommodation.” The slogan “NO means NO” used against rape apologists works just as well here. No Jew should have to bake a cake for a Nazi wedding. This concept should be applied consistently across the population.

To summarize, We The Libertarians simply want to live our own lives, and let everyone else live theirs.


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Monday, 9 May 2016

Sow the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind

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Larry Correia sums up the conversations I had with local Republicans back in 2012 over Romney and U.S. Senate candidate Heather Wilson.

I’ve added additional line breaks and spaces for readability, corrected a few typos, but otherwise haven’t changed it.

Mind you, for me it took place over the space of six months, whereas Larry Correia says it only took two days. I guess that’s part of the price of fame?

Where I differ with Larry (and most of the Republicans) is this part about McCain and Romney:

Still voted for them because they were obviously better than Obama.

Both McCain and Romney were routinely on the side of making the welfare state more expensive, the regulatory state more intrusive. Both used gun owners as a rhetorical soccer ball, to be kicked around when politically expedient. Both support the scam of “global warming,” “climate change” and the “necessity” for “clean” energy sources (solar, wind, geothermal) to be subsidized, if only it’s their people getting the subsidies.

Still, better late than never, right?

Anyway, on to the fun part —

Larry Correia

What the last two days have been like on the internet:

Me: I will never vote for Trump.

Trumpkins: Quit your whining butt hurt crybaby, you owe us your vote, so get in line!

Me: No


That, times a thousand.


Me: I will never vote for Trump.

Sad Republican: Lesser of two evils! SCOTUS picks!

Me. Long winded response about how a short term victory to get an amoral statist into office in our name, will tarnish the conservative movement forever, and ensure authoritarian democrat socialism for a generation.

Sad Republican: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! (only spelled correctly, and arranged in coherent sentences)

EDIT TO ADD: And look down, already it begins again. I started responding down there, but you know what? Fuck those guys. They’ve proven over the last few months they’re too stupid to live anyway. Why waste time responding to bullshit individually, when I can just respond to all the tired bullshit up here once? It is like an industrial bullshit thresher!

WHAAAAAAAAA you might as well vote for Hillary.

Funny. You low information dipshits elected a democrat, so now it is the problem of life long conservatives that another different democrat will win because we won’t support your democrat?



WHAAAAAAA staying home is a vote for Hillary!


WHAAAAAAAAA voting third party is a vote for Hillary!


The best thing that ever happened for Hillary was you morons picking the one dude out of 15 she was the most likely to beat.


You should have thought of that before you picked an amoral liberal to be your guy then, huh?



Ain’t gonna happen. Sucker.

WHAAAAAAAAAAA! People like you should get out of America!

Try and make me. You’d better bring friends.

WHAAAAAAAA! u r teh suck i not can spell words gud America!

Well. Okay then. (check the other thread this one is surprisingly common)


WHAAAAAAAA! McCain! Romney!

Yep. A big government asshole and a mushy moderate. Still voted for them because they were obviously better than Obama. Trump is Clinton in an Oompa Loompa costume. Trump makes Romney look like Reagan. Trump makes McCain look calm and rational.

WHAAAAAAA! RINO! Establishment!

So you ran an amoral statist who funds the establishment? That’ll show them.

EDIT 5: This responding once thing is fantastic! I should have thought of it years ago.
grin emoticon

Sad Wishful Thinking Republican: WHAAAAA? IF he isn’t lying recently, and IF he surrounds himself with good people (who he has been insulting and lying about for months) and IF this malignant narcissist listens to advice and IF his clownish behavior is just an act and IF he doesn’t totally drag down the GOP and IF he doesn’t cost us the senate, then MAYBE he’ll be okay? WHAAAA?

Damn dude. That’s a lot of ifs. I want a pony.

EDIT 6: WHAA? Even though he’s been in favor of gun bans his whole life and helped anti gun politicans get elected in states he doesn’t even do business in as recently as 2014, And he’s either lying and made it to 68 before he realized what the 2nd Amendment was for, or he’s just really really slow. And he still bans concealed carry on his properties . . . But his son shoots 3-gun competition, so maybe he’ll be okay on guns? WHAAA?

Good luck with that.

WHAAAAAAAAAAA! He has to fund the campaigns of liberal statists! Because that’s just good business! Sure, he overwhelmingly gave to liberals, and the only republicans he gave to were the establishment types we supposedly hate, but bribery is normal and good! EXTRA WHAAAAAAA!

You’re a fucking retard.

EDIT 7: (this one doesn’t get a WHAAA, because it is more of a SIGH) I’m not going to yell at you or demand you fall in line. Trump is evil. Hillary is worse. I have to vote for the lesser of two evils.

Can’t fault your reasoning. But for me and a lot of people? Trump is a bridge too far. We’ve had moderates and RINOs and held our nose and voted for them. But this isn’t a moderate or a RINO. This is an amoral statist authoritarian liberal, who got to where he was by being a huckster con appealing to anger and fear. He is a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He is an insult to the founders, a disgrace to our people, and in the unlikely event he wins, will probably go down in history as the man who ended any hope of small government or individual liberty in America.

I won’t have that stain on my soul.

EDIT 8: These are from the mega thread.

WHAAAAAAAAA Your bad language and hurtful words offend me! You should be more respectful and clean up your language! But Trump tells it like it is Keeping It Real!

Actually, that one is so stupid it shouldn’t get a whaa. It should get a baaaa. Sheep.

WHAAAAAAAA God has forsaken America, insert smug religious nonsense here! Now support my amoral serial adulturing pro abortion casino owner or God will smite thee!

As a religious man, all these years I thought those dumb stereotypes about idiotic hypocritical evangelicals were made up by smug liberals to mock Christians. It took Trump to show me the light. Praise the flaxen haired casino god!

EDIT 9: WHAAA! What could possibly persuade you to support Trump?

He nominates a fantastic VP and then has a stroke before November.


WHAAAA! I’m poor. You are rich. My roof leaks and it is conservatives fault. I can’t afford health insurance because of Obamacare so I love the guy who supports single payer. Make America Great again! My run on paragraph complains about how unfair life is and you are being mean, then I’m going to complain about your religion and act surprised that in the year 2016 a grown up plays video games.

And the funny thing is, this particular dude opened by accusing me of having a “melt down”.
grin emoticon

EDIT 11:

WHAAAAA! If you don’t vote for Trump you can’t complain!

Oh? Watch me.

WHA? Insert Tortured Chess Game Analogy — in check because of a horrible mistake, but where a desperate gamble can still pull out an ugly win, but closes with a vow to not make that mistake in the next game . . .

Artistic, except Trump is more Hungry Hungry Hippos speed than Chess. Also, you assume after this victory there will be another game to be had. Not if Trump drags the GOP down with him there isn’t. Both sides will be the same color after that. It will be all big government statism to the end.

You want to talk chess? Try thinking more than one move ahead. Trump win now. Authoritarian win forever.

WHAAAAAAA! You are my favorite writer but I want to have Trump babies and you called me low information so my feeling are hurt!

Good. That was what I was going for. Low information is being charitable. That suggests you are basically a decent person who fell for a con. The other possibility is that you saw through his populist rhetoric, but you actually do want an authoritarian strongman in control. Now that would be really insulting.

EDIT 12:

WHA-sniff. Pretentious literary criticism guy shows up and gets all snide and bitchy because I’m professional writer, then acts aloof.

Yep. I’m rich, popular, and successful. It’s awesome. You should try it some time.

WHAAAAA! No you’re the whining WHAAAA! Don’t say I’m upset or I’ll yell at you more! WHAAAA!

She said, totally oblivious that there is another thread on my page with 3000 posts about Trumpkins declaring any criticism of their false idol whining / crying / butthurt / meltdown. Because when you’ve got no coherent policy beyond slogans, you’ve got to meet criticism somehow!

WHA! Larry you were involved in shaking up this other small political thing involving a few thousand people! Why don’t you fix all the political problems in a country with 330 million people? WHA?

Yeah, dude, I’ll get right on that.

Scrolling through . . . A bunch more from sad republicans voting for the lesser evil. Yep. Feel your pain. Scroll up. No need to respond to those again. Angry Trumpkins. Roger that.

Ooooh, a new one.

WHAAA! NO LABELS! You shouldn’t call people Trumpkins!”

Forgive me No Labels Police. Writing out Coalition of Authoritarians And Low Information Voters Motivated By Anger And Fear Who Are Now Fully Invested In A Cult of Personality That Will Allow No Dissent got a little long to keep typing.

Now back to work. I have to keep up earning lots of money so the GOP fundraisers will keep calling me. This time I can laugh at them.

EDIT 13: Went to lunch, took care of some NFA paperwork, on the drive listened to conservative talk radio show hosts tying themselves into knots trying to explain away Trump’s authoritarian or nonsensical positions.

Now I’m back. Let’s see what’s new in this thread.

WHAAAAA! No you’re the whiner! I’m not going WHAAA! I know you are but what am I! I don’t care what you think! WHAAAA!

That is indeed a very compelling argument from somebody who feels the need to post on a complete stranger’s Facebook page.

WHAAAAAA! The establishment was owned by Goldman Sachs and George Soros! Oh wait . . . Trump has only been the nominee for 48 hours and he’s already hired a Goldman Sachs partner and George Soros hedge fund manager to be his finance chief to tap into that sweet liberal establishment money . . . Uh . . . Never mind! YOU SOUND ANGRY! CRY SOME MORE! WHAAA!

Ooh, a question I missed from earlier. Which VP pick would make me likely to back a Trump ticket?

There’s a bunch, though I’m not sure who would want to hitch his horse to this dumpster fire, but you missed the important part of my statement, which would be the catastrophic stroke before November.

Lots of You Sound Angry. Well, yeah I’m angry. A plurality of half wits picked the most uniquely unsuited candidate in Republican history. Duh. But I’m also perfectly rational writing about it. We might be at the fall of the Roman Empire, but at least I live in Byzantium.

Flipping through comments the rest is pretty much more of the same. Wow, there are some real braniacs in Trump cheerleader camp. Having those guys as the new standard bearers and big thinkers will be awesome for you guys. You traded in Thomas Sowell for Sean Hannity.

Then lots of posts from the despondent republicans rationalizing having to vote for an authoritarian clown, because he might be better than the harpy. Truly, I feel for you guys. I get why you’re doing it. Just can’t in good conscience pull that lever myself. Have fun explaining, defending, or owning all of his terrible decisions until November though.
smile emoticon

EDIT 14:

LOL! (they put LOL so you know when they are trying to be funny, otherwise it is really hard to tell) This Larry Correia guy obviously has a lot of free time on his hands!

Heh . . .
He he he
Ha ha ha ha HAW

Oh, wait . . . You’re serious?

Though that isn’t as dumb an assumption as the guy in the last thread who said I must be a welfare check cashing Obama lover. I can’t wait until I finally make it as a *real* writer and I can write one book like every five years, instead the 2 1/2 a year I do now. I’m doing these edits between breaks working on a real book. Each one takes a couple minutes. Comments like this make me think that most people write really, really slow. It must suck to be lame like that. Get faster, scrub.

WHAAA!!! Electing Hillary will start a war!

Posted simultaneously with

WHAAAA! We need to burn it all down!

Sheesh, make up your mind Trumpkins.

WHAAAAAAA! Trump lives rent free in your head! Shut up or you will be accused of having Trump Derangement Syndrome! EXTRA HARD WHAAAAA!

Yeah . . . Because how crazy is it that a writer is writing about the biggest news story in the country right now, 48 hours after it happened? I’ll just toss that one in the Better Fall In Line pile.

The only derangement I’m seeing is people trying really hard to believe that Trump isn’t a liberal progressive. That’s like psychotic break level reasoning, but many here do seem to be pulling it off.


EDIT 15:

WHAAAA but liberal celebrities say they’ll leave the country if Trump wins!

Nobody is actually leaving. Liberals, like Trump, lie a lot.

WHAAAAAA! 25% of federal employees will quit if Trump leaves.

Nobody is actually quitting. Federal employees, like Trump, lie a lot.


But written in five minute blocks spread out over a long work day made it hilarious.
grin emoticon


I do believe that covers it. I’ll come back periodically to see what fresh forms of bullshit these mealy mouthed motherfuckers have brought up to try and persuade us to vote for their amoral statist over the other amoral statist.

FINAL EDIT — Oh man, that was fun. For anybody reading this whole thing, it started early this morning. About every hour or so I’d tune back in, read the new stuff, and comment once. I wish I would have thought of this years ago!

I had a mega thread the other day, but with FB’s ridiculous subthread comment system, I realized I was having 20 simultaneous arguments, and repeating myself because it was all the same thing over and over. This was way cooler, and with the added benefit of not having to listen to pedantic twats playing the childish Get The Last Word In game


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Monday, 4 April 2016

New Mexico, the Failed State

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Yes, the State of New Mexico is a failed state, just as the Powers That Be have labeled Somalia.

Of every list of the states that a state’s people should want “their” state to be at or near the top, New Mexico is at or near the bottom. Examples include math and reading proficiency among students, median income, economic opportunities, etc.

Of the lists where you would want “your” state to be at or near the bottom, New Mexico is at or near the top — violent crime rate per capita, DUI rate, corruption among public officials, tax burden, etc.

Now consider that the Political Classholes in Santa Fe and the various county and municipal governments seem to be perfectly happy with this sorry state of affairs, just so long as their bread is getting buttered, and their sponsors are satisfied. Why should they care about the rest of us and what we think of this, when we keep re-electing them?

I propose a simple solution:

Eliminate the State of New Mexico as a State.

Simply split the State down the middle — give the western part to Arizona, and the eastern part to Texas. Use either the Rio Grande as the dividing line.

So a few counties and municipalities might get cut in half or whatever. So what — let the politicians worry about that.

Or we could split it along I-25, or along the 106th meridian. Either way, we get to watch the political class have fits over who gets what.

Or we could give Arizona 16 of New Mexico’s 33 counties, and 17 to Texas. Or vice versa. Either way, some of the multi-county districts (State House, State Senate, Public Regulation Commission) are going to get carved up a bit.

Again, so what? Let the politicians worry about that, while those of us Productive Class people go about our business.

No matter how we do it, the self-appointed Ruling Classholes lose a bit in the turmoil, and we get to have some fun at their expense.

Imagine Ben Ray Lujan, Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich having to justify their continued presence in Imperial DC. They might have to actually do some work as lobbyists or whatever. Which side of the line would Michelle Lujan Grisham land on?

If Albuquerque (and thus Bernalillo County) were to be cut into two pieces, what would happen to the local politicians?

Just the thought of watching the politicians sing and dance to justify their continued sucking at the public teat would make it all worthwhile.


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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Just HOW was the Ø700B Bailout Passed?

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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Hey, Democrats — McCain Still Wins!

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Yeah, yeah, I know — Barack Obama (or Barky Obummer, as I call him at times) won the 2008 presidential race by a landslide. To do that, he kicked the living shit out his main (false) opponent, John McCain (AKA the  Manchurian Senator AKA McClown). No, folks, there’s not going to be a repeat of the 2000 election fiasco, where Republicans were scouring Florida for “hanging chads” when not going up against Democrats in various courts.

Which is a damn shame, as watching was a rather entertaining demonstration of what the Republican and Democratic Parties are REALLY all about — getting and retaining power. It is their raison d’etre, while being really the only glue that holds them together and keeps them in power. Incumbency begets incumbency — it’s a positive feedback loop that sucks its operating resources from the general American population.

But guess what, Democrats — McCain still wins!

Now, I imagine you’re wondering, “Mike, What the fuck are you talking about? Are you on crack?” I suspect that five minutes after  this hits the web, the messages calling me a “fukin idiot” and “aswipe” will start arriving.

The answer is rather self-evident, but you have to approach the question from a libertarian perspective if you’re going to get there on your own. Lucky for y’all, I’m a nice enough guy to spell it out for you.

All McClown lost this year was the presidential race, and he probably didn’t spend much of his own money doing that. He did blow through about 50 million FRNs worth of donations from others, and the cash that he spent that was his own, he’ll replace that by sending out one of those by sending out some “Please help me retire my campaign debt” letters to the suckers, er, I mean, party faithful amongst the Republicans. So McClown is most likely in good financial shape, or if not, will be soon. If he isn’t, how many people reading this will actually give a shit? I certainly won’t.

He also retains his cushy spot warming a chair in the U.S. Senate as the senior Senator from Arizona. (Why they keep re-electing him is beyond my understanding. Really, folks — can’t you find anyone else?) His current term expires in 2010, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him run for re-election. As an incumbent Senator, McClown retains his taxpayer-paid annual salary (169,300 FRN), as well as taxpayer-paid health benefits, and a clique of taxpayer-paid Arizona State Troopers around him as bodyguards.

Should McClown decide to retire during this term (hey, I can hope, right?), he’ll have whatever he’s got stashed away (courtesy of the taxpayer), in addition to his taxpayer-paid senatorial pension.

What’s this mean to the proverbial John Q. Public, Joe Sixpack, Susan Soccer Mom, Jane Doe, and Dave NASCAR Dad? They all have one thing in common with respect to this article — they’re all taxpayers. They are the ones who ultimately get to pay for McClown’s benefits package.

If you think that Obummer is going to lift this burden from you by “soaking the rich,” think again — rich people get rich because they provide products and services that other people want, they invest their spare FRNs instead of spending them on cheap beer and football packages from the cable company, and they pass along their business costs to the end user. Guess what — taxes are another cost of doing business, and those get passed along too — see for yourself after you’re done shopping. Your receipt will have a line under “SUBTOTAL” marked “TAX.” So no matter how much Obummer “soaks the rich,” YOU pay it in the end as a consumer.

So while you’re worrying about making your payments on the house, credit cards and vehicle, McClown’s biggest problem seems to be which four- or five-star restaurant to go to for dinner.

And it’s all on your tab. Enjoy! I’m sure that he’ll be grateful should you bump into him on the street. That’s assuming that the accompanying State Troopers let you get that close in the first place.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

‘Tis the Season for Treason

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This is my SECOND response to L. Neil Smith’s article in The Libertarian Enterprise, titled “Time for a Purge?” It’s also a follow-up to my own article, “Candidates, Purges and Principles.”

After I finished “Candidates, Purges and Principles,” I copied and pasted it to an email message, then sent it off to L. Neil and to Ken Holder, editor of TLE, as a submission. Neil got back to me, and while composing my response to his response, I spent some time looking through Tom Knapp’s blog for supporting details. While there, I noticed this article about current Libertarian Party National Director Sean Haugh. It might be old news, dated 22 February 2008, but . . . .

It seems to me that the LP’s Treason Caucus is in full swing this election cycle. Think about it — we have Bob Barr giving thousands of dollars to Republican opponents of the LP’s candidates while he’s been sitting on the LNC, and not giving much of anything to the LP candidates themselves.

(It was in the comments section of this story that I first found about Barr’s providing cash to Republicans against Libertarian candidates while sitting on the LNC.)

And we have the LP’s national Political Director, Sean Haugh, said that he would support a Republican over the LP’s candidate, Susan Hogarth.

Is it time for some sort of a purge in the LP’s ranks? YES, it is. But there’s one problem.

The LP doesn’t have any specific mechanism that I know of to kick people out of the organization. Maybe this is a bad thing, but in the mean time, those of us who are of the radical or “purist” mindset simply have to let the members of the LP’s Treason Caucus know that this sort of behavior simply will not be tolerated.

Think about it — what if Barr or Haugh were hockey players, and said to their teammates, “Let’s shoot the puck into our own net!” How would the team react to this insanity? I think that they would probably offer Barr and / or Haugh an enema of hockey sticks, minus any sort of lubrication. And deservedly so.

Now we’ve had this sort of problem in the LPNM at times, once from Socorro in 2000, and again here in Albuquerque in 2006. Both times, the perpetrators of this stupidity got hammered for it, and haven’t repeated the offense.

What does it take to stop such idiocy? Simple — vigilance on the part of the membership, and a willingness to stand up (and speak up) for principle. That’s it—nothing more needed. Nothing less will suffice.


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Candidates, Purges and Principles

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Re: “Time for a Purge?”, by L. Neil Smith

Neil —

I just read your article “Time for a Purge?” and am somewhat amused at the latest from the Watergate Gang.

This press release from Cory really makes me wonder what the dues of the LPUS’s Sustaining Members are going for. I was under the impression that Cory was hired to run the day-to-day operations of the Libertarian Party’s Watergate office.

A question for Shane Cory — How does calling for MORE State action help to fufill the LP’s professed mission of SHRINKING the State?

My answer — It DOESN’T. So what business does the Executive Director of organization supposedly dedicated to shrinking the State have in calling for more State activity?

And I think that the War on Kiddie Porn will go the same route as the Wars on Drugs and Terror — as an excuse for Democrats and Republicans to expand the reach and expense of the State, regardless of what their constituents say, never mind common sense, the Constitution, the rule of law.

As for the presidential candidate, it wouldn’t be Christine Smith, would it?

[another link]

This comes as a disappointment to me, as I was operating under the assumption that Smith was one of the more principled candidates. My main fear about her was that she would burn out, being such a high-energy candidate.

But not to fear—another potential nominee has been dropping the ball. This would be former GOP congressman Bob Barr. It turns out that the Bob Barr Leadership Fund has been making campaign contributions to Republican candidates who were opposing Libertarian candidates, while the BBLF wasn’t making ANY donations to the Libertarian candidates. All of this while Bob Barr has been a sitting member of the LNC.

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We in the LPNM had a guy who did this kind of schtick. Back in 2005, he had announced that he was seeking the LPNM’s nomination for U.S. Senate. At the time, he was the Vice-Chair of the LPNM. Come March 2006, he says that “If nominated, I’ll use my campaign to stump for Jeff Bingaman.” Bingaman was (and still is) the Democrat incumbent. He didn’t show up at that year’s (rump) State Convention two weeks later in Rio Rancho. I wonder why?

Fast-forward about two months later, and he announces that he’s forming the “Independent Voters of New Mexico” with the Green Party’s perennial traitor, Abraham Gutmann. As one of the leaders of this outfit, he endorsed then-New Mexico Attorney General Patsy Madrid for U.S. Congress, 1st Congressional District, against Democrat-wannabe Heather Wilson. (I’m NO fan of Wilson, either.) Given that Madrid had used her powers of office as State Attorney General in an attempt to kill off the LPNM as an organization, what business does a sitting officer of the LPNM do having ANYTHING good to say about her?


As for purging the undesireable members from the Libertarian Party, I don’t know that the Party has any specific mechanism for doing that. Is that good or bad? I’ll leave that question for the readership to answer for themselves. It seems to me that those who think along the lines of Carl Milsted and Eric Dondero like to conduct their purges by playing games with the membership and credentials rules, so as to cut the radical and principled elements out of the loop[1].

I say this in sharp contrast to those of us from the radical side — when we are deemed to have purged someone of the Milsted/Dondero side from the LP’s ranks, it’s mostly that person who was “purged” simply heard, “You’re full of shit” one too many times from other LP members.


[1] The current State Chair of the LPNM, Jay Vandersloot, while a member of the “Reform” Caucus started by Milsted, has no problem with Bill Koehler and I being in the radical camp. In fact, when Jay hears complaints about Bill and I from others, Jay will back us up, asking the complaintant, “What have YOU done to advance the cause?”


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