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Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Quote of the Day for Wednesday, 13 January 2021

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Danny Bedwell
Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 7:34 PM

Impeach the President?

I vote yes. While we’re at it, let’s impeach the Speaker of the House, the House Minority Leader and the Senate Pro Temp. In fact, let’s impeach every sitting member of Congress, their administrative assistants, the fat lady at the Dept of Education and every other bureaucrat making decisions on your behalf.

It’s time to throw the baby out with the bath water.


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Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Stupor Tuesday 2020 — Overhyped and Underwhelming

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Image H/T Stephen Carville

For what I’m seeing at about 3 AM, it looks like Gropey Joe Biden has won a lead on Bernie Sanders, with Sanders coming in second.

Whichever of them is the eventual DNC nominee matters not much to me, as the chances of my casting a ballot for either of them is as close to zero without actually being zero.

On a side note, Amy Klobuchar and Petey Buttigieg dropped out and endorsed Gropey Joe. Did Joe cop a courtesy feel on each of them as a consolation prize?

The best news of the night comes in two parts:

  1. Bloomberg, a real-life Duke of New York, came in third place after he blew through about 500,000,000 of his personal cash reserve while pitching his promotion of victim disarmament policies as a good thing. Serves him right. He appears to be re-assessing whether or not to continue a seperate campaign, or to back Gropey Joe. To be fair, the Duke did win American Samoa.
  2. On the Republican side of it all, Mr. Bill the Original Weldist got his head handed to him by T.rump. At this time (Wednesday, 5 March at 3 AM), Mr. Bill doesn’t seem to have received more than ten percent (10%) of the votes cast in any state, including his home state of Massachusetts. To date, his highest vote total seems to be that of the News Hampshire primary, where he got about 13-14 % of the votes cast. Even there, for every vote Mr. Bill got, T.rump got SIX votes. But that doesn’t stop him from sending out fundraising emails saying “this is our chance to take down Donald Trump.”

On the LP side of the 2020 presidential camapign season, Lincoln Chafee seems to be coming in a solid eleventh place, and deservedly so, as Chafee, like Mr. Bill who reportedly encouraged him to run as a “Libertarian,” doesn’t seem to have the slightest clue of what the Libertarian Party is supposed to be all about. (I for one am still waiting to see any evidence that Mr. Bill cares or ever did care about the Non-Aggression Principle. Not holding my breath here.)


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Friday, 9 August 2019

Who Wants Trump to be Assassinated?

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For starters, apparently Roger Demetrius Kaschak does, that’s who —

Digression here — I’m not a fan of Trump, considering his vocal support for the victim disarmament cause, but the “baby Trump” balloons are quite simply moronic, in my opinion.

For what it’s worth, Kaschak is a Biden supporter —

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Tucker Carlson on the Ruling Classholes

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Tucker by and large hits the nail on the head, and proceeds to drive it all the way in on the first smack of the hammer.

The self-appointed Ruling Classholes — the Bushes, the Romneys, the Clintons, Bill the Original Weldist — don’t care in the slightest about you, your family, or your friends beyond the extant that you care about a beer bottle.

When the beer bottle is empty, you toss it in the trash.

That’s the same way that the Classwipes view anyone who isn’t in their worldwide super-clique — as expendable and disposable, to be tossed aside at a whim.

Just put aside their hypocritical appeals to your altruistic side, your “better nature,” that they spout when they expect you to fall for their anti-liberty schemes

NO, they’re not going to take care of you when the proverbial fecal matter strikes the fan. Either they’ll spend the time holed up in a resort somewhere, waiting it out, or they’ll be too busy looking out for themselves and their own.


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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Does Trump Arouse You?

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No, Trump doesn’t arouse me in any way, but apparently he does get those who claim to hate and fear him a bit on the frisky side, as evidenced by this letter to Dan Savage’s Savage Love column —

I’m a longtime fan – reader and listener – and part of the 47 percent of white women who did NOT vote for Donald Trump. To say I’m disappointed, horrified, scared, and mad about the election is woefully insufficient. I donated $100 to Planned Parenthood this morning because I honestly felt like there was nothing else I could do. That being said, I wanted to share that I had one of the most weirdly charged, hottest, and sexiest orgasms. A little buzzed (dealing with those election results) and sad, my boyfriend and I turned to each other for consolation. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, we were fucking as Trump came on the TV to give his acceptance speech. As that orange blowhard spewed more bullshit about being our president, I rode my boyfriend’s big, beautiful dick until I came. It was the perfect way to say, “Fuck this. Now fuck me.” I encourage all your readers to fuck out the stress from this election. Yes, we should donate and volunteer and speak up and protest and vote and not give up hope, but we should also keep doing it and taking care of each other. Because love trumps hate, and fucking trumps . . . well, I’m not sure what fucking trumps. But it sure makes life better.

– Justifiably Unsettled Lass Intensely Emoting

And then Savage doubles down on the lust born from hate or fear of Trump, as demonstrated by “JULIE” —

It’s important to practice good self-care in the wake of a traumatic event – the election qualifies as a traumatic event – and going by the definition of self-care at, fucking the living shit out of someone qualifies as self-care: “Actions that an individual might take in order to reach optimal physical and mental health . . . Self-care [includes] activities that an individual engages in to relax or attain emotional well-being, such as meditating, journaling, or visiting a counselor.”

They’re too polite over at to include “fucking the shit out of someone” on their list of examples, JULIE, but what you did on election night – which just so happens to be the exact same thing I did on election night – certainly meets all the criteria.

And if anyone out there who did the same on election night – fucked the shit out of someone – is feeling the least bit guilty, please know that millions of Americans did the exact same thing after 9/11. We used a different term to describe all that post-9/11 fucking: “terror-sex,” which New York magazine defined as “urgent, unguarded, end-of-the-world coitus inspired by that day’s sudden jolt of uncertainty and fear.”

I want to thank you for writing, JULIE, and I want to second your recommendation: Sex, partnered or solo, makes life better – and people shouldn’t feel guilty about fucking someone else and / or fucking / jacking / dildo-ing themselves at this uncertain and fearful moment in our nation’s history. Yes, we must donate and volunteer and protest and vote, all while reminding ourselves daily that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. And we must commit to defending our friends, neighbors, and coworkers who are immigrants (documented or not), Muslims (American born, immigrants, or refugees), people of color, women seeking reproductive health care, trans men and women seeking safety, lesbian and gay men seeking to protect their families, and everyone and everything else Trump has threatened to harm, up to and including the planet we all live on.

But we must make time for joy and pleasure and laughter and friends and food and art and music and sex. During the darkest days of the HIV / AIDS epidemic, when Republicans and religious conservatives controlled the federal government and were doing everything in their power to harm the sick and dying, queers organized and protested and volunteered and mourned. We also made music and theater and art. We took care of each other, and we danced and loved and fucked. Embracing joy and art and sex in the face of fear and uncertainty made us feel better – it kept us sane – and it had the added benefit of driving our enemies crazy. They couldn’t understand how we could be anything but miserable, given the challenges we faced – their greed, their indifference, their bigotry – but we created and experienced joy despite their hatred and despite this awful disease. We turned to each other – we turned to our lovers and friends and sometimes strangers – and said, “Fuck them. Now fuck me.”

We didn’t eradicate HIV / AIDS, the disease that was sickening us then, but we fought it to a standstill and we may defeat it yet. The disease that now sickens our nation is different. We may never eradicate racism and sexism and hatred. But fight it we will. And don’t listen to anyone who tells you that music and dance and art and sex and joy are a distraction from the fight. They are a part of the fight.

So why aren’t there any blog posts from conservative or libertarians expounding on their fear or hate of Hillary Clinton making them horny?


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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

DNC vs. RNC Spam

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Current mood: cynical

Tonight I posted the following screenshot to my Facebook Wall

I’ve been getting this sort of crap for a few months now. I guess not only my paycheck is subject to their whims, but also my inbox, as well?

The funny thing about this is now they’re taking the term “Obamacare” as their own when before, they used to get pissed about it. I guess they’re trying to differentiate it from the Romneycare from which it was copied and pasted into the U.S. Code (and themselves from the Romney-roids).

For what it’s worth, I’ve started getting the equally-annoying robo-calls from the Romney campaign.

Somehow, this is strangely “appropriate” – robot calls and emails from two groups who want to make everyone else into mindless automatons.

Regardless of which sock-puppet “wins” the general election, the rest of us LOSE.

Still, on numerous occasions I’ve pointed out that alternatives to having the Right Hand vs. the Left Hand seeking its way up your rear do exist – both for the White House and for U.S. Senate


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