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Monday, 9 March 2020

The March of History: Mises vs. Marx — The Definitive Capitalism vs. Socialism Rap Battle

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John Papola (producer of the Keynes vs. Hayek series) hits it out of the park again —

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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Is Communism Dead?

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Recently, I received a letter from Christina Groth, chair of the Libertarian Party of Lea County, New Mexico. The following was attached –

Is Communism dead?

Judge for yourself!

The ten planks of the Communist Manifesto:

  1. Abolition of private property: The EPA, the United Nations Biodiversity Treaty, the Wildlands Project, Endangered Species Act, environmental fraud, eminent domain.
  2. A heavy progessive or graduated income tax: self-explanatory — just ask the IRS.
  3. Abolition of all right of inheritance: inheritance / estate tax — just ask the IRS.
  4. Confiscation of property of all emigrants and rebels: Asset forfeiture laws, IRS liens and levies — just ask the California farmer who ran over a rat while plowing his field.
  5. Centralization of credit and money: The Federal Reserve System
  6. Government control of communcations and transport: The FCC, Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration holding states hostage by threatening to withhold highway funds.
  7. Government ownership of factories and agriculture: Just try to get out of farm programs. NAFTA, GATT, and the World Trade Organization have allowed the wholesale gutting of America’s manufacturing base. A group of seven companies control the bulk of the food distribution from field to stomach.
  8. Government control of labor: 48 to 51 percent of the population now depend on or work for a government entity.
  9. Regional planning and corporate farms: Interstate compacts, dissolving of political boundaries, unelected Councils of governments.
  10. Government control of education: Goals 2000, Outcome Based Education, failed public schools, lowering of test scores so things don’t look so bad.


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