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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Re: A Policeman’s Lot

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Re: “A Policeman’s Lot” by L. Neil Smith [in this issue]

> I’m getting downright autobiographical these days. I hope it doesn’t
> mean anything. For those I’m BCCing, this item is embargoed until the
> next TLE comes out, although I’m more than willing to discuss it
> privately.

Hell, Neil, I’ve known you used to be a cop since I first read The Probability Broach (November 1996) — it’s mentioned in the back on the page with the one-paragraph biography.

I’m seeing something of a trend here — you were a cop (and Air Force reservist, if I recall correctly), Tom Knapp was a Marine, I spent a few years with the Army ROTC, Army Reserve and National Guard, Aaron Zelman was a Navy corpsman in Vietnam, Stewart Rhodes (Oathkeepers) was an Army paratrooper, Ron Paul was in the Air Force in Vietnam . . .

Do our political proclivities stem from our time spent in the belly of the Beast?

Should this be considered a letter to the editor? I’m OK with that.

If so, I’d like to give an obligatory plug for an organization which is specifically aimed at getting the three out of a hundred cops that you mentioned in paragraph 13 (dare I hope for a fourth and fifth?) to do exactly what you’re calling for:

> keep the solemn promises they made when they signed on, to defend
> the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic (there’s a
> list of illegal orders they won’t obey, and, implicitly, certain
> actions on the part of other officers they’ll interfere with)

That organization is, of course, the Oathkeepers that I mentioned above.

The URL, for any cops (and military personnel) so interested is


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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Re: Don’t Tread on Freedom

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In [last] week’s TLE, the following note was appended to the end of L. Neil’s article “Don’t Tread on Freedom!” —

Here’s what I was able to dig up using Google—

It seems that the stop in question took place in Ball, Louisiana, part of Rapides Parish.

See also [this link]

The Google search that I linked to above also yakked up a link to a scandal involving Hurricane Katrina-related FEMA funds dating to 2006.

Re: the offending MIAC/DHS literature—this sort of thing is based on boilerplate material from the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. They’ve been producing this sort of crap since 1995, that I can remember, and will continue doing so as long as the Ruling Classwipes display a willingness to take it seriously. Rather than destroying it, I’d like to see it debunked and ridiculed for the garbage that it is. Preferably in the lamestream snoozemedia, but I’m not holding my breath on that.


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Wednesday, 15 August 2001

[S2K4] Re: Press Release: 2AMPD Supports HR 382

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— Leroy Pyle wrote:

Police Organization Declares Allegiance to Attorney General Ashcroft, Supports HR 382 and calls for law enforcement agencies to follow AG’s lead in adhering to Constitutional Law.


A New Sheriff in Town

Attorney General John Ashcroft and the George Bush administration have set a new pro-freedom tone in the nation and it is a tone that American law enforcement will respect and vigorously endorse.

It is notable that Ashcroft publicly declared that the Second Amendment protects the fundamental right of individuals to own guns. He would not have allowed the NRA to put his picture on their magazine cover if he did not intend to pursue a pro-freedom agenda!,2933,30390,00.html

How’s this? I remember that the NRA put pictures of Jackboot Janet Reno and Waco Willie Clinton on the front cover of American Rifleman more than once. I doubt if any of them would’ve consented.

Working law enforcement officers, the street cops, are reluctant to involve themselves in politics and wary of the promises of politicians. They respond to actions, not words, and are very much aware of what is right and what is wrong.

With that in mind, it is clear that there is a new Sheriff in town, and The Constitution will take precedence over weekly polls. Ashcroft’s actions provide clear direction for every law enforcement officer in this great nation.

After Ashcroft declared in a May 17 letter to the NRA that he believes the Constitution “unequivocally” protects the rights of individuals — not merely militias — to keep and bear arms, he served notice that he was seeking public comment on a new policy involving firearm background checks.

When was the last time anyone on The Hill gave you the impression that they really gave a hoot what you thought?

It was not long before Attorney General Ashcroft’s proposed regulations reducing the retention period for approved National Instant Check firearms purchases to 24 hours. It was clear the man understood the meaning of “shall not infringe!”

Maybe Ashcroft does, but his boss, President George III, sure as hell doesn’t. He *campaigned* on a platform supporting triggerlocks and “closing the gun show ‘loophole,'” and has said he’s willing to reauthorize the “assault weapons” ban. How much MORE money is going to throw at the F-Troop?

I remember when then-RNC Chair Lee Atwater responded to this type of criticism with something like, “Where else are you going to go?”

The answer: right HERE –>

Seemingly unusual for a politician, he is willing to admit to government’s past mistakes and has initiated remedies:

Administration Calls Halt to Gun Buybacks Program Touted by Clinton White House Called Not Part of HUD’s ‘Core Mission’

FBI auditors charged with verifying that Point of Contact States like Pennsylvania are properly conducting Federal Brady Act background checks, have found that the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS) is violating both Federal and Pennsylvania laws.

And after all the hullabaloo over the UN disarmament conference, the US opposed the recent UN Gun Ban. See a good synopsis at:

There is a clear message here, that the current administration recognizes the right of honest citizens to keep and bear arms. And after years of ACLU dominance in defining the legal interpretation of The Second Amendment, scores of legal scholars have lined up behind the pro-freedom definition. John Lott, a respected scholar/researcher is presenting factual information regarding the value of firearms in the hands of citizens. Facts are what law enforcement understands and respects.

Actions speak louder than words, and these are actions that deserve the respect of law enforcement.

And the true test can be found in this headline: FOP softens concealed-gun stance

The communication provided by the Internet has not been lost on American Law Enforcement. How many cops would you think read about their brothers in other countries who have succeeded in passing draconian gun laws? Like this one from Canada:

“NO one would ever have believed that one day Ross Webley would be a criminal in need of a pseudonym. In fact, he has been a well-respected constable with the Calgary police since 1980. But on Canada Day, the avid gun collector and sports shooter, who owns a number of 12-gauge shotguns and a few old German Luger handguns his father brought back from the Second World War, became one of thousands of Canadians in violation of gun control laws. He has never applied for a firearm licence under the Liberals’ Bill C-68. If charged, he could face up to 10 years in prison — the penalty for unauthorized possession of a firearm — and lose his career.”

Or, from Australia “For all my mates in the US, think yourselves lucky that you CAN carry off-duty, that you CAN carry spare ammo, that you CAN have a shotgun in in the car, that you HAVE decent training and supervisors who know what they’re on about. I was impressed with the professionalism and level of expertise shown by all the police departments when I traveled throughout the US last year.”

I wonder what these guys would say to George III after he advocates “closing the gun show ‘loophole.'”

It is the perfect time for American Law Enforcement to join their new “Sheriff” in support of the right of honest citizens to exercise their Constitutional right to possess firearms and publicly support a bill such as HR 382.

This bill was most recently introduced in the 107th Congress by Representative Cliff Stearns (R — FL) and is intended to “amend title 18, United States Code, to provide a national standard in accordance with which nonresidents of a State may carry certain concealed firearms in the State, and to exempt qualified current and former law enforcement officers from State laws prohibiting the carrying of concealed handguns.”

There’s already a standard in place that works perfectly well in Vermont: Don’t initiate force against anyone else, with or without a firearm. No federal legislation other than a massive repeal-fest is needed from Washington DC, or any of the state capitals.

This is clearly intended to clarify the status of citizens in the many states that have recognized the right of their citizens to carry a firearm for protection, and will go a long way towards assuring the safety of both police and citizens as they go about their daily business.

Defunding and disbanding the F-Troop would go a LOT further. It’s time the federal government once again recognized our right to own and carry submachine guns, grenade launchers, and battle rifles.

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