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Thursday, 16 September 2021

[AFF] My Astrological Compatibility, For What It’s Worth

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Looking at the astrological compatibility pages on AdultFriendFinder, plus the Chinese zodiac pages Wikipedia, I narrowed the “star charts” for potential mates this (of course, I’m open dating people I find attractive that don’t fit into these parameters!) —

21 June – 21 July, 23 August – 22 September — 1963 [58], 1967 [54], 1975 [46], 1979 [42], 1987 [34], 1991 [30]

Cancer    June 21-July 21
Virgo    August 23-September 22


1963    Jan 25, 1963 – Feb 12, 1964
1975    Feb 11, 1975 – Jan 30, 1976
1987    Jan 29, 1987 – Feb 16, 1988


1967    Feb 9, 1967 – Jan 29, 1968
1979    Jan 28, 1979 – Feb 15, 1980
1991    Feb 15, 1991 – Feb 3, 1992


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Saturday, 23 March 2013

My On and Off Switches

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OK, time to take a break from the politicking for a bit, if for no other reason than to prove that I’m not a one-trick pony here.

I guess it’s time to jump on board this particular Xanga bandwagon. Never mind that this will be crossposted to what’s become my main blog site.

First the “bad news” . . .

My Turn-Offs

  1. Ignorance, especially the intentional kind. Even worse, people who are ignorant, yet insist that they have all the answers.
  2. Habitual tardiness. If you say you’ll be there at 7 PM, be there at 7 PM.
  3. Dishonesty. Especially when it concerns where a potential partner and I stand with each other.
  4. Head games about where I stand with a potential partner.
  5. Control freaks. I got it from both Mom and Dad as a kid and teenager – my brother and I were the little flags on the tug-of-war rope. I’ve seen that tendency in myself, as well, and I don’t like it. What is it that Alcoholics Anonymous tells the drunks – “Admitting you have a problem is the first step” ?
  6. Gangsta princesses, with the cheap-looking tattoos and cheesy dollar-store bling. That should be self-explanatory.
  7. Excessive makeup and jewelry. Less is more in this category.
  8. Insistence that I change my views, interests and preferences. Especially when I’ve already expressed a distaste for the expected replacements.
  9. Expecting me to provide what you want without giving me anything that I want in return
  10. Self-pity – no guy worthy of the name wants the question “Do I look fat?”

On to the good stuff.

My Turn-Ons

  1. General agreement and tolerance where my politics and religion (more accurately, lack of religion) are concerned. Better yet, you have similar interests along those lines.
  2. Similar tastes in movies, music, food and drink.
  3. Tolerance for the self-defense tech that I own and sometimes carry. Better yet, you have similar interests along those lines.
  4. Punctuality. If you say you’ll be there at 7 PM, be there at 7 PM. Or maybe even a little early.
  5. Flirting and teasing is more fun when it goes back and forth.
  6. Reciprocity – I give what I get. I expect to get what I give.
  7. A sense of humor similar to mine.
  8. The understanding that when you want to get something from me, you have to give me something in exchange. As Heinlein said, “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.”
  9. A potential partner for workouts, sparring, those sorts of things.

In short, if you see that I makes your life better, tell me. And be specific. Figure out A) what I like and B) what I hate (I’m willing to tell you if you’re willing to listen), offer to do A and avoid B, AND STICK TO IT.

All I can offer here is the same deal – to figure out A) what you like and B) what you don’t like, then offer to do A and avoid B.


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Saturday, 25 December 2010

What about online dating?

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Re: Have you ever tried online dating or considered it? Share your experience!

I have mixed thoughts and emotions about online dating.

Of course, there’s the obvious statement that “you’ve got to be careful about people you meet over the internet – after all, how do you know that they’re not a rapist or something?” Guess what, folks – that’s true of just about every dating venue that’s ever been devised since dating has existed, whether we’re talking about bars, parties, or high school dances.

The good thing about online date finding is that you and your prospective partner-to-be can exchange a lot of information about each other, and decide if you’ll be good for each other.

There’s a bad side to that level of information exchange, too, if your sweetie-to-be isn’t on the up-and-up with you, in that the person can use that information against you.

Most of my experiences have been OK – I’ve been burned a few times, and had some good times, too.

The one thing that I’d be leery of is paying for a dating site. A few years ago, I paid a pretty pile of FRNs (upwards of Ø1000 in 2003-2004) to various sites, with far and few returns. In my opinion, it’s best to stick to the no-charge sites like and

I just answered this Featured Question; you can answer it too!

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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

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Just got dumped a few minutes ago — not too happy right now. At least she was decent enough to be up-front about it.

Friday, 13 March 2009

What About Nice Guys?

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“tokyoexpressman” makes an interesting point on the Datingish blog entry “Nice Guys Finish Last and ‘You’re Like My Best Friend’” —

Because you don’t stand out. End of story. As soon as you start being nice, you get filed away in the friends drawer.

Not that you have to be a douche, but don’t put all your time and energy into her. Chick flicks (which is where romantics and nice guys draw much of their schtick from) are a poor example because while the guy might win the girl over with a bunch of sweet acts in 90 minutes, don’t forget the movie is set over periods of weeks or months. What else was that tall good-looking romantic lead actor doing when we wasn’t wooing the lead actress?

Sleeping. Shaving his face. Hanging out with the guys. Watching hockey. Working out. Killing terrorists, I don’t know. Point is that he was NOT spending every single moment of every single day chasing her; he was doing his own shit too.

Make yourself less available. People want things that are scarce, not commonly available. Simple economics.

This makes a lot of sense — and it isn’t the first time I’ve heard this. John Ross has written several articles on the same theme in his “Ross in Range” articles.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Interracial Relationships

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Current mood: bored

This posting was inspired by a posting by Rose titled Interracial relationships? *gasp!*

I’ve dated a couple of hispanic and indian (Siberian-American) girls, so I don’t see what the big deal is. I’ve also asked out one or two black girls, but they never returned the invite.

Some of those dates went OK, others were total disasters. But the same is true of my dates with white women.

All you’re doing by choosing not to date someone from a specific racial (or religious or ethnic) group is limiting your choices. For a while, I didn’t want anything to do with women who had kids, and that limited my choices of the available women just the same as when I only wanted to date glamour-model white women.

The question comes down to this — Do you want to worry about race, religion, etc., or do you want to meet new people?

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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Does Condi Need a Boyfriend?

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Recently I was skimming the list of blogs located at the New Mexico Liberty site. At Brigette Russell’s Moralia site, I found a link to a Pravda article [1] that just has to be read – I was laughing so hard that I was in tears.

It seems that, according to Russia’s national blowhard, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, that Condeleeza Rice is making the comments she’s making about the situation between Russia and Georgia (not the American state, but the former Soviet satellite state) because she needs a boyfriend –

“Condoleezza Rice released a coarse anti-Russian statement. This is because she is a single woman who has no children. She loses her reason because of her late single status. Nature takes it all.

“Such women are very rough. They are all workaholics, public workaholics. They can be happy only when they are talked and written about everywhere: ‘Oh, Condoleezza, what a remarkable woman, what a charming Afro-American lady! How well she can play the piano and speak Russian! What a courageous, tough and strong female she is!’

“This is the only way to satisfy her needs of a female. She derives pleasure from it. If she has no man by her side at her age, he will never appear. Even if she had a whole selection of men to choose from she would stay single because her soul and heart have hardened. Like Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, or Alexander the Great of Macedon Ms. Rice needs to fight and release tough public statements in global scale. She needs to be on top of the world.

“Ms. Rice was always interested in Russia. Now she needs to prove that she does have a certain amount of knowledge about Russia. Her goal number one is to observe USA’s interest. If Russia rises, it means that the USA falls down. Europe has united, China is growing speedily and Russia possesses immense power in terms of fuel resources. The US administration cannot do anything about it.

“The USA experiences the crisis of ideological and moral values. Americans try to talk about positive family values, although the actual state of things is disastrous. That is why they need to protect themselves with such public personas as Condoleezza Rice who gains pleasure from political commotions.

“The civilized world needs to think about a decision when single politicians are not allowed to stay in power. This was a common practice in the Soviet political system. The matter of international relations is very subtle and exquisite. One single word or phrase may play an extremely important role in politics. This is not the place, where one can sublimate their personal sexual problems.

“Complex-prone women are especially dangerous. They are like malicious mothers-in-law, women that evoke hatred and irritation with everyone. Everybody tries to part with such women as soon as possible. A mother-in-law is better than a single and childless political persona, though.

“This is really scary. Ms. Rice’s personal complexes affect the entire field of international politics. This is an irritating factor for everyone, especially for the East and the Islamic world. When they look at her, they go mad.

“Condoleezza Rice needs a company of soldiers. She needs to be taken to barracks where she would be satisfied. On the other hand, she can hardly be satisfied because of her age. This is a complex. She needs to return to her university and teach students there. She could also deal with psychological analysis.

“The true reason of Ms. Rice’s attack against Russia is very simple. Condoleezza Rice is a very cruel, offended woman who lacks men’s attention. Releasing such stupid remarks gives her the feeling of being fulfilled. This is the only way for her to attract men’s attention,” Vladimir Zhirinovsky said.

Let’s see – the American armed forces are busy with the Iraq and Afghanistan Occupations, as well as the Hunt for Osama and the Forty Al-Qaeda, stomping out miscellaneous “terrorist” cells on behalf of various governments, and miscellaneous training and humanitarian missions in about a hundred-some countries. The LAST thing that America needs at this point is any military involvement in the Ossetia situation. It’s a good thing that Condi’s power is limited to holding press conferences and uttering sound bites for the cameras – otherwise, her bosses in Washington DC just might have turned to radioactive plasma by now, courtesy of the Strategic Rocket Forces.


  1. You and what army, Condi?
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Saturday, 7 June 2008

My Worst Dating Experiences?

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OK, this post is in response to a “featured question” that popped up on one of the main pages here. The question is “What is your worst dating experience?”

 So here goes . . .

I guess my bad experiences with dating fall into three categories —

First, there’s the times that I showed up for a date, and my date turned out to be so undesirable that I couldn’t leave the scene fast enough. The date I remember that falls into that category was in February, 2004 — we met at the Olive Garden near the Cottonwood Mall in Albuquerque. She was complaining about Tripping the Rift, an animated series on the Skiffy Channel. She said about five times, “That’s just out of control, that’s too much.” Yeah.

Second, there’s the potential girlfriends who let me fall for them, then blew me off. Bobbie, Letty, Melissa and Katie come to mind there.

What NONE of them seem to considered is that guys have feelings, too. When they blew me off, it actually hurt in the physical sense — I suffered from headaches and mild nausea for a few days afterward.

Third was the transvestite who got me drunk and took about 140 bucks from me. That was in June, 2004. We met at the bar of the Holiday Inn on Menaul in Albuquerque, where I bought drinks for her, her two friends, and myself. After I was buzzed, we started kissing, with tongue, and then “she” said, “Let’s go some place wild.” We left the bar, at which point “she” started hitting me up for money, so I pulled out 100 bucks from my debit card. After sneaking to my car and tossing my wallet into the trunk, I got into their car and went with them, with “her” and I making out in the backseat. We stopped at a 7-11 on Carlisle, and I provided cash for the friends to buy beer. Then we went to Central Ave. and stopped in front of the Pulse club. At this point, I was wondering, “What the FUCK is going on here?” and asked them, “Are you sure about this? This is a gay bar.” They told me not to worry, so I followed them to the door, where the bouncer was checking ID cards. I took a look at “her” driver’s license — the first name was “ROBERT” and the picture was a guy with a beard. I took off running, and made it back to my car sober enough to drive home. Still, I was out 140 bucks.

I just answered this Featured Question #299 — What is your worst dating experience?, you can answer it too!

Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Would I Date an Atheist?

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The original question was this –

    Would you date an atheist?



As long as she’s not an evangelical atheist — too many of the atheist persuasion behave like the Bible-thumping evangelical Christians they claim to be against (I personally think that they need each other, as they feed off of each others’ idiocy and insanity) — they have a burning need to convert you to what they believe.

In doing so, they take a perfectly decent idea — non-religion — and turn it into, well, another religion. It’s a waste of my time.


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