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Sunday, 7 May 2006

Corporate Avenger: Punk-Rappers for Liberty?

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I recently picked up a CD from a band named Corporate Avenger. The CD’s title is Freedom is a State of Mind. With song titles like “Taxes are Stealing,” “Voting Doesn’t Work,” and “FBI File,” how could I resist?

Anyway,it turned out to be sort of a mix of punk and crap (I’m not enthused about punk per se, and most (c)rap acts turn out something best called anti-music), so I cringed a bit at first. But I was pleasantly surprised.

First, they didn’t let the rap angle take over, as happened with Faith No More’s (s)hit song “Epic.” Second, the lyrics were intelligible and more intelligent than usual. They didn’t use the songs to push much if any socialism, unlike Rage Against the Machine, who were devoted Maoists, if I recall correctly.

Those working for marijuana (or other drug) re-legalization might want to check out their songs titled “FBI File” and “Drug Dealing God.”

Word of warning: Some Christians listening to them might be offended by some song titles and lyrics, such as “Christians Murdered Indians,” “TheBible is Bullshit,” and “Jesus Christ Homosexual.” I do note that Corporate Avenger is on the right track in that they cite socialists’ co-opting of religion as a cause of a lot of the world’s problems.

Their Wikipedia page

Marijuana is just as American as tobacco, handguns and tax evasion.


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