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Sunday, 27 May 2001

[ABQ Journal] City Ban On Hidden Guns May Be DOA

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Albuquerque Journal, page A1

City Ban On Hidden Guns May Be DOA

Majority of Councilors Oppose Mayor’s Proposal

By Jeff Jones
Journal Staff Writer

Albuquerque Mayor Jim Baca’s proposal to opt out of a new state law and to ban concealed handguns appears to be a long shot with the City Council.

A majority of the nine council members said last week they are not inclined to ban concealed handguns in Albuquerque when it would be legal in other parts of the state.

And two of the councilors — both mayoral candidates — vowed to fight Baca’s bill tooth and nail.

“I think it would do Albuquerque a world of good for some of our thugs to have in their minds that they’re dealing with citizens who can protect themselves,” said Councilor Greg Payne, a mayoral candidate.

Fellow councilor and candidate Mike McEntee said, “Many of my constituents have called me and said, ‘Amen, brother. Fight Mayor Baca on this issue.”

But the ultimate decision on whether city residents — or any other civilian in the state, for that matter — can legally carry a hidden pistol could rest with a judge, not with a mayor or city council.

Those for and against concealed handguns don’t agree on much when it comes to the issue. But they do agree the new law appears destined for court.

“Somewhere along the line, somebody will sue,” Baca said.


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