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The Obligatory Links Page

Free Stuff – Software, Porn, etc.
Politics and Philosophy

Listening – Music, talk radio, podcasts
New Mexico
Reading – Authors, books, comics, magazines, newsletters, publishers

Science Fiction

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Self-Defense – Weapons, Tactics, Traning, etc.

Those Black-Robed Devils – Concerning the Courts, Legal System, Untaxation, etc.
Viewing – Movies, Television, Video Clips, etc.

Free Stuff Sites
Libre Office
Linux – / Puppy Linux / Ubuntu Linux
Software that runs from a USB thumb drive – /
Project Gutenberg – free (no-charge) eBooks

Porn (Free!)WorldSex / XVideos / YouPorn / RedTube


Politics and Philosophy – It’s all about the NAP

Libertarian Party – New Mexico / National
L. Neil SmithLNS at Random
Will Grigg – Pro Libertate, Notes on the Jerry Seinfeld Society
Advocates for Self-Government
West El Paso Information Network [WEPIN] Store – Services for the Sovereign Individual
Idaho Observer
The Home Page of J. Orlin Grabbe
Laissez Faire Books
Joe Zychik’s Personal Page
Claire Wolfe
Rex Curry
The Devil’s Kitchen / The Devil’s Knife
Kent McManigal
Sunni and the Conspirators
Vin Suprynowicz
Libertarian Futurist Society

Political Parties, PACs and Electioneering Stuff
Boston Tea Party of New Mexico – Official site / Facebook group / Yahoo! group [archived]
Freedom Party – International
Libertarian Party – New Mexico / National
Republican Liberty Caucus
Objectivist Party
Federal Election Commission

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Listening – Music, talk radio, podcasts

94 Rock KZRR – 94.1 FM in Albuquerque
Ronnie James Dio / Dokken
Iron Maiden
Manowar / Metal Church /
Metallica / Mötley Crüe
Ozzy Osbourne /
Queensryche /
Quiet Riot
Dee Snider

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David H. Hackworth


New Mexico

Albuquerque Homeschoolers
Alamogordo Second Amendment Task Force
Bill English – Been Franklin / A Republican’s Rant
Boston Tea Party of New Mexico [Archived]
Bubonicon – the annual indigenous science fiction / fantasy / horror convention, hosted in Albuquerque.
Christian Association of Parent Educators – NM
Educate New Mexico – Providing educational choice for low-income families through the private sector
Eye on Albuquerque
Libertarian Party of New Mexico

NM Foundation for Open Government – Helping enforce government transparency in New Mexico
NM Gun Collectors Association
NM Gun Owners Association
NM Gun Rights Facebook group
NM Open Carry Facebook group
NM Facebook group
NM Shooting Sports Association
NM Survival
Paragon Foundation
Publius – A Voice of Reason in the Wilderness of Enchantment

Rio Grande Foundation – the leading think tank in the state

Roswell Second Amendment Task Force
Santa Fe Friends of Capitalism
Tea Party groups in New Mexico –

Victor Milán – Local libertarian / agorist science-fiction / fantasy / action-adventure writer


Reading – Authors, books, comics, magazines, newsletters, publishers

Authors (listed alphabetically by last name)

AKevin J. Anderson / Poul Anderson / Isaac Asimov
BFredreric Bastiat / Steven Barnes / Stephen Baxter / Greg Bear / Gregory Benford / Ben Bova / Matthew Bracken / Ray Bradbury / Dale Brown / Harry Browne
CMartin Caidin / L. Sprague de Camp / C.J. Cherryh / Tom Clancy / Stephen Coonts / Harold Coyle / John G. Cramer / Michael Crichton
DBrian Daley / Philip K. Dick
EGreg Egan
FMichael Flynn / Robert Forward
GWilliam F. Gibson / James Gunn
HJoe Haldeman / Peter F. Hamilton / Robert A. Heinlein / Frank Herbert /James P. Hogan / L. Ron Hubbard / Dafydd ab Hugh / Stephen Hunter
IDean Ing
KVictor Koman / Michael P. Kube-McDowell
LBrad Linaweaver / Duncan Long
MKen MacLeod / Bob Mayer / Michael McCollum / Victor Milán / Daniel Keys Moran
NLarry Niven
PH. Beam Piper / Jerry Pournelle
RMike Resnick / Mack Reynolds / Selina Rosen / John Ross
SFred Saberhagen / J. Neil Schulman / Charles Sheffield / L. Neil Smith / Norman Spinrad / Michael A. Stackpole / Allen Steele / Neal Stephenson / G. Harry Stine / S.M. Stirling
SVin Suprynowicz
THarry Turtledove
VVernor Vinge
WWalter Jon Williams / Jack Williamson / Michael Z. Williamson / F. Paul Wilson / David Wingrove

ZGeorge Zebrowski

Books, Stories
Joan Slonczewski – Tuberculosis bacteria joins UN

Comic Strips, Cartoons
Attack Cartoons
Mallard Fillmore
Sluggy Freelance – This series does for cartoons what Aqua Teen Hunger Force does for animation
Wapsi Square

Comic Books / Graphic Novels
2001 Nights
A Drug War Carol
G.I. Joe
La Muse
Lone Wolf 2100
The Probability Broach and Roswell, Texas by L. Neil Smith and Scott Bieser
The Punisher (especially the MAX line by Garth Ennis)
The Red Star
Star Trek
Star Wars: Legacy
Timepeeper by L. Neil Smith and Sherard Jackson
V For Vendetta
Y – The Last Man

Periodicals – Magazines, Newspapers, E-zines, Newsletters
2600 – The Hacker Quarterly
Albuquerque Journal
Analog Science Fiction / Science Fact
Combat Handguns
H+ magazine
Liberty magazine
The Libertarian Enterprise
Liberty for America
National Lampoon
Popular Mechanics
Popular Science
Scientific American
Small Arms Review – Articles, news, etc., about select-fire weapons, subguns, sound suppressors, grenade launchers, etc.
Soldier of Fortune
S.W.A.T. – Includes a monthly column about the Bill of Rights titled “Enemy at the Gate”
Weekly Alibi

Publishers / Booksellers
Baen BooksFree Library
Big Head Press – Publisher of Roswell, Texas, La Muse, The Probability Broach graphic novel, among others
Delta Press
Firing Pin Enterprises
Javelin Press – Books by “Boston T. Party”
Laissez Faire Books
Paladin Press
Phoenix Pick
Project Gutenberg – free (no-charge) eBooks


Science Fiction

What can I say? I’ve been a science fiction fan since I was about four or five years old. I can’t remember the first Star Trek episode that I watched. I do remember seeing the original Star Wars feature film in the original theater run – that was June, 1977.

Analog Science Fiction / Science Fact
The SF Site
Starship Dimensions
Starship Modeler
Starship Schematics Database

Clubs / Conventions
Bubonicon – New Mexico’s annual skiffy convention
Libertarian Futurist Society

Babylon 5The Lurker’s Guide to Babylon 5 / The Babylon Project / B5 Tech
FireflyOnline encyclopedia site
StargateOfficial MGM site / / Stargate Wiki (canon only)
Star TrekOfficial site / STARFLEET International / Memory Alpha / Memory Beta / Memory Gamma, Star Trek Expanded Universe
Star WarsWookiepedia
Other skiffy universes, media franchises, and suchAlien(s) / Predator / Battlestar Galactica / Battletech


Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Access to Energy Newsletter
Amazing Science
The Black Vault [Black-budget projects]
John G. Cramer’s Home Page
CryoNet – Cryonics Mailing List
Cyber-Geography Research
The Foresight Institute [Nanotechnology]
Infinite Energy Magazine Online – Cold Fusion and New Energy Technology
Welcome to the National Center for Genome Resources
The Open Source Fusor Research Consortium
Popular Mechanics
Popular Science
Quantum Teleporting / Computing
Scientific American
The Science & Environmental Policy Project
The X-Prize Foundation
Zyvex (Nanotechnology)
The Canadian Nuclear FAQ – Dr. Jeremy Whitlock

Computers and Internet
Gibson Research Corporation Homepage
PC Magazine
Linux Format
Wired – shorten your links
Zone Alarm

Fringe Science / Paranormal – the sort of stuff that CNN, MSNBC, et al tell you not to think too much about
The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the ParanormalSkeptical Inquirer
Penn and Teller’s Bullshit!
Carnicom Institute
Sightings – Jeff Rense
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
Jeff Rense – Sightings
Michael Cremo and Forbidden Archeology Web Page
Team Infinity – Eric Sean & Aradhika Webber: WebMasters of The Universe
McMoneagle – Remote Viewing
PSI TECH, Inc. – Technical Remote Viewing Training and Resources by Major Ed Dames
Firedocs Remote Viewing Collection – PJ Gaenir’s Archives – Splash page.
The Enterprise Mission
RVIS – Remote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc.
Leading Edge International Research Group

Space Travel
Island One Society
Moon Society
The Artemis Project
British Interplanetary Society
High Frontier – The Organization Behind Missile Defense
The Mars Society
NASA Watch
National Space Society
Nuclear Space Technology Institute
The Planetary Society
Project Orion
Space Access Society
Space Frontier Foundation [archive]

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Self-Defense – Weapons, Tactics, Traning, etc.

Reading / Viewing
Backwoods Home Magazine
Combat Handguns
Bloomfield Press []
Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement
Paladin Press
BlackHawk Industries
Firing Pin Enterprises
Delta Press

Gun Wiki
Bullpups – Gun Wiki / Wikipedia
Bushmaster Firearms, Inc.
DPMS, Inc. [Panther Arms]
Glock USA
Springfield Armory

Gear, Accessories, Ammo, etc.
Ammo – Hornady Manufacturing
Flashlights, weapon lights, lasers – Sure-Fire
Field gear – Brigade Quartermasters / U.S. Cavalry

Massad Ayoob Group
Ayoob Group Main Page – Lethal Force Institute / Police Bookshelf
American Combatives
Chuck Taylor’s American Small Arms Academy
Defense Associates
ESI – Executive Protection, Bodyguard Training Academy
Hocks Close Quarter Combat
InSights Training Center
International Defensive Pistol Association
Tactical Defense Institute
Tactical Firearms Training Team
Thunder Ranch
Warrior Talk – Forums / News
Whittington Center

Right to Self-Defense
Arming Women Against Rape and Endangerment
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear ArmsSecond Amendment Foundation
Firearms Coalition – Neal Knox Associates
Fifty Caliber Shooter’s Association Home
Gun Owners of America
Guns Save Lives [GOA Project]
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
Keep And Bear
National Firearms Association (Canada)
New Mexico Gun Collectors’ Association
New Mexico Shooting Sports Association
Welcome to!
Rocky Mountain Gun Owners
Second Amendment Committee Home Page
Shooting Sports Association of Australia
Shooting Sports Association of New Zealand
Women Against Gun Control
Keep and Bear Arms
Dead Bang Guns
The Home Gunsmith

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Those Black-Robed Devils – Concerning the Courts, Legal System, Untaxation, etc.

Institute for Justice [IJ]: Litigating for Liberty / Bloomfield Press
Legal Information Institute – Cornell University
The Federal Judiciary


Viewing – Movies, Television, Video Clips, etc.

TV Series

AAlphas / America Unearthed /American Guns / Amish Mafia / Ancient Aliens / Ancient Discoveries / Andromeda / Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations / Aqua Teen Hunger Force / Archer
BBabylon 5, Crusade / Battlestar Galactica2003 version / Beavis and Butthead / Beyond Invention /Beyond Tomorrow / Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern / Black Dynamite
BBrad Meltzer’s Decoded
CCavuto / Celebrity Deathmatch / Chasing UFOs / Cheers / Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge / Cities of the Underworld
CCommand Decisions / Continuum / Cowboy Bebop / Curiosity
DDa Ali G Show /Dark Matters: Twisted But True / Doctor Who / Doomsday Preppers / Drawn Together / Drugs, Inc.
EEarth: Final Conflict / Engineering an Empire
FFalling Skies / Firefly / Flash Gordon (2007 TV series) / Frasier / Freedom Watch / Fringe / Frisky Dingo / Future Weapons
GGangland / Ghost in the Shell / G.I. Joe: Renegades, Sigma 6
HHeadbangers Ball / The History of Sex / History’s Mysteries / Horizon / How the Universe Works / Human Weapon
IInside Underground Poker
JJAG / James May Drinks to Britain / James May’s Road Trip / Justified
LLast Resort / Legit / Lost Worlds / Lou Dobbs Tonight
MMan v. Food / Married . . . with Children / Metal Evolution / Metal Mania / Minoriteam / Modern Marvels / Monster Quest / MysteryQuest
NNazi Collaborators / Nostradamus Effect
OOdyssey 5 / One Man Army / Outcasts / The Outer Limits
PPawn Stars / Planet Egypt / The Planets / Primeval / Prophets of Science Fiction
RRichard Hammond’s Crash Course / Robot Chicken
SSamurai Champloo / Secret War / The Shield / Shootout! / Sliders / Sons of Guns / Soul Quest Overdrive / South Park / Squidbillies / Stargate / Star Trek / Stossel / Stroker and Hoop
TTaboo / Tales of the Gun / That Metal Show / Through the Wormhole / Titan Maximum / Top GearUK series, U.S. series / Top Guns / Top Shot / Torchwood / The Tortellis
TTotal Drama Island / Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn / Tripping the Rift / The Twilight Zone1959 series, 1985 series
UUFO Files / UFO Hunters / Unexplained Mysteries / The Universe
VV1983 series, 2009 series / The Venture Bros.
WWeaponology / Welcome to Paradox / Wonders of the Solar System / Wonders of the Universe / Wonder Showzen
XThe Xtacles

Movies, Specials

0-9101 Gadgets That Changed the World84 Charlie MoPic
AAli G Indahouse / A Fish Called Wanda / Airplane!, Airplane II – The Sequel / Alien Siege / Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters / Armageddon
BBachelor Party / Bad Taste / The Beast / Bitch Slap the Movie! / Blade trilogy / Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan / Braveheart
CCan You Survive a Horror Movie? / Church of the Good Thief / Cleopatra: Portrait of a Killer / Countdown to Apocalypse / Cradle of the Gods
DThe Delta Force / Destination Moon / Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
EEarth: 2100 / Egypt’s Ten Greatest Discoveries / The Epic History of Everyday Things / Equilibrium / Escape from New York,Escape from L.A. / Extreme Universe
FFinding Atlantis / Frank Herbert’s Dune, Children of Dune / Full Metal Jacket
GG.I. Jane
HHell and Back: Special Ops Ranger / Hidden Agenda / Holy Grail in America
IIndependence Day / Inside Area 51
JJourney to 10,000 BC
LLarge Dangerous Rocket Ships / The Last Samurai / Lonely Hearts / The Lost Book of Nostradamus
MMars Rising /The Matrix trilogy / Meet the Feebles / Mermaid: The Body Found
NThe Naked Gun series / National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon, Vacation movies / Nazi UFO Conspiracy / No Refunds
OOcean’s Eleven (2001) / Open Range / The Outlaw Lewis Redmond
PThe Patriot / Porky’s
QQuest for the Lost Ark
RRansom / Red Dawn1984 version / Return to Area 51
SScammed / Seeing Black Holes / Serenity / Sex for Sale: American Escort / Siberian Apocalypse / Snipers Inc / Soldier /Space Tourists / Space Cowboys / Star Wars
SSupermassive Black Holes
TThe Terminal / The Thing1982 movie / Trek Nation / True Lies / Two Weeks in Hell
UUFOs Best Evidence Caught on TapeVol. 1, Vol. 2 / Universe 2001: Beyond the Millenium
VV For Vendetta / Vanishing Point (1997)
WWar of the Worlds / What Black Men Think / What Happened Before the Big Bang? / Why Ancient Egypt FellWill We Become Extinct?
YYou’ve Got Mail

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