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Monday, 18 April 2022

19 April — ATF is America’s Schutzstaffel

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H/T GhostGuns.comSaturday, April 16, 2022 at 6:28 PM MST

Naturally, we can’t forget Mike McNulty’s Waco: The Rules of Engagement[1]

— and McNulty’s follow-up film, Waco: A New Revelation[2]

Today we remember that on Monday, 19 April 1993, the Clinton Administration was so concerned about child welfare that they were willing to kill 27 kids by asphyxiation, incineration, and automatic-weapons fire to get at three adults accused of tax and paperwork violations.


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  1. Published at The Libertarian Enterprise [TLE]Number 1,153: Sunday, 24 April 2022 (as “April 19”)

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Monday, 28 February 2022

THIS is Why I Own and Carry Weapons

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Reiterating the title of this post:

THIS is why I own and carry weapons wherever I can.

I’m 51 years old. I’m too old and fat to do a strip-tease for some death camp guard in order to snatch his / her / xis / xer / zis / zer sidearm away.

I’d rather have the option, at least, of taking out a bad guy with me as part of my going out of this plane of existence

Hertfordshire Friends of Israel
Sunday, September 22, 2019 at 4:00 AM

Arriving at Auschwitz in 1943, Polish-Jewish ballet dancer Franceska Mann was ordered to disrobe for the crematorium.

She took off her clothes provocatively to distract the Nazi guard, then snatched the roll-call officer’s pistol & shot him dead.

She fired a second shot that wounded an SS sergeant. Other prisoners began a riot that was broken up when the guards opened fire with machine guns. Mann died on the spot.

But she stood up to evil and went down with a fight!



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Monday, 9 March 2020

The March of History: Mises vs. Marx — The Definitive Capitalism vs. Socialism Rap Battle

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John Papola (producer of the Keynes vs. Hayek series) hits it out of the park again —

See more (including the lyrics) at


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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

The Former Soviet Union as a Force for Good?!

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Just when you thought there was no one left to advocate for the former Soviet Union —

No, that wasn’t posted by some 90-year-old veteran of the Great Patriotic War.

That picture of “Captain USSR” was most likely posted by an American twentysomething or thirtysomething, and then was “re-tweeted” by another American thirtysomething, one Matt Kuehnel, who had previously fronted for the “Libertarian Socialist Caucus” in the Libertarian Party.

No, I’m NOT making any of this up.


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Monday, 7 January 2019

Quote of the Day for Monday, 7 January 2019

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“The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the government.”
Publius Cornelius Tacitus, Annals, Book III, 27

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Armed Citizens in New Mexico, 1959-1979

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  1. The Tribune, Albuquerque, NM, 7/10/79 / American Rifleman Issue: 10/1/1979

    When two men entered an Albuquerque, N. Mex., convenience store demanding money, night clerk Reno Petrucci thought they were joking. One of the thugs, however, punched Petrucci and two companions. At that, Petrucci pulled a .38 and held the assailant until police arrived; the second man fled the scene.

  2. The Journal, Albuquerque, NM / American Rifleman Issue: 9/1/1979

    The man who held up an Albuquerque, N.M., food store, got a rude surprise. As he approached the fourth checkstand, he found himself face to face with a lady shopper holding a .25 cal. automatic. To enforce her demand that he put down his gun and surrender, the woman told him that she was an undercover policewoman. With that, the thief gave in, dropped his revolver and waited patiently at gunpoint until the real police arrived to make the arrest. Albuquerque police have since offered the housewife a position on the city force.

  3. The Tribune, Albuquerque, NM / American Rifleman Issue: 3/1/1978

    Albuquerque, N. Mex., pharmacist Ron Bunt was in his drugstore when two armed robbers entered and demanded narcotics. Bunt filled a small bag with the drugs and handed it to one of the pair, then pulled a cal. .25 pistol and shot one of the thugs to death. The other fled and is being sought by police.

  4. The News-Journal, Clovis, NM / American Rifleman Issue: 11/1/1977

    Mrs. Cleo Ainsworth saw two young thugs attack her husband outside their farmhouse near rural Dora, N.M. After calling for help, she got her husband’s pistol and fired a warning shot. The men fled.

  5. The Tribune, Albuquerque, NM / American Rifleman Issue: 10/1/1977

    When a young robber entered his Albuquerque, N. Mex., pharmacy and demanded narcotics, Delbert Swindle drew a pistol instead and held the man for police.

  6. The Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque, NM / American Rifleman Issue: 7/1/1976

    Two men, one armed with a knife, entered Sidney McQueen’s Albuquerque, N.M., gun shop, grabbed up some firearms and then bolted for the front door. But one of the thugs turned and pointed a gun at McQueen. The shop owner fired first, killing one robber and wounding the second.

  7. The Alamogordo Daily News, Alamogordo, NM / American Rifleman Issue: 9/1/1974

    Awakened by the sounds of a prowler in her Alamogordo, N. Mex., home, Mrs. Teresa Middlestead got her husband’s shotgun from the bedroom closet and shouted down the hallway, “I’ve got a gun.” Although Mrs. Middlestead didn’t see the intruder, she heard him dash through the kitchen and out the front door. Nothing was stolen.

  8. The Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque, NM / American Rifleman Issue: 9/1/1974

    Three youths, one armed with a knife, walked into Mike Seargent’s Albuquerque, N. Mex., store intent on robbery. Seargent noticed that the knife was apparently their only weapon, so he took his gun from beside the cash register and held the thieves at bay until police arrived.

  9. The Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque, NM / American Rifleman Issue: 5/1/1974

    As he walked his dog near an Albuquerque, N. Mex., apartment development late one night, E.K. Van Aernam and his sister were stopped by two robbers, one armed with a pistol. Van Aernam clutched a handgun in his coat pocket and asked the armed man to “put his gun away.” When the attacker refused, Van Aernam slapped the assailant’s gun downward and fired six shots at the thugs through his pocket. The men fled, one of them possibly wounded.

  10. Hobbs Daily News-Sun, Hobbs, NM / American Rifleman Issue: 6/1/1973

    A man began pounding on the front door of Evelyn Burkey’s Hobbs, N. Mex., home and refused to identify himself or say what he wanted. When he started pounding on the back door, Mrs. Burkey got a small revolver and threatened to “blow his head off.” At this the prowler dove over a back fence and disappeared.

  11. The Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque, NM / American Rifleman Issue: 2/1/1973

    Spotting two suspicious men wandering around his Albuquerque, N. Mex., drugstore, owner Carl De Alderete kept a close watch on the pair. When one man reached for a gun, De Alderete drew his own first. One suspect escaped, but the storeowner held the second for police who took the would-be robber’s gun in evidence.

  12. Aztec Independent Review, Aztec, NM / American Rifleman Issue: 1/1/1973

    Brian Blacklock, an Aztec, N. Mex., pharmacist, was working late in his store when a rock smashed through the skylight above him. Blacklock ran outside, got a rifle from his car, and ordered the man on the roof to come down. Police arrived and arrested the rock thrower, along with his less-than-successful lookout man.

  13. Tribune, Albuquerque, NM / American Rifleman Issue: 7/1/1967

    When 3 men pounded on his back door, laundry owner James Self, Albuquerque, N. Mex., answered and found himself confronted by a robber holding a .410-bore shotgun. Dropping to the floor, he fired a shot from his .22 revolver. The trio fled. Police later got a hospital call — “man with a gunshot wound” — and arrested the wounded man and 2 accomplices on charges of attempted robbery.

  14. Tribune, Albuquerque, NM / American Rifleman Issue: 11/1/1961

    Armed with a cal. .22 revolver, a thief three months out of prison after serving a 10-year term for armed robbery, entered John Waldrick’s Albuquerque, N. Mex., store, forced Waldrick to hand over his wallet and empty the cash register. As the robber reached the door, Waldrick drew his own weapon and felled him.

  15. Journal, Albuquerque, NM / American Rifleman Issue: 12/1/1959

    Thomas H. Myrick was in the back room of his Albuquerque, N. Mex., liquor store when he heard his wife pleading with a holdup man rifling the register. Myrick rushed out with shotgun in hand. As the bandit fled, Myrick fired 4 blasts over his head. When police arrived, they found Myrick standing over the bandit who cowered on the ground, his pistol and robbery loot beside him.

  16. The New Mexican, Santa Fe, NM / American Rifleman Issue: 7/1/1959

    In Tierra Amarilla, N. Mex., shopkeeper Albert Wheeler called on neighbor Jack Taylor to cover the front when the intercom alarm rang in the store owner’s bedroom. Wheeler went to the rear office where he surprised an armed burglar who attempted to escape. Neighbor Taylor’s 12-ga. shotgun dropped him near the door.


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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Men Fighting

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In this blog posting, I found what very well might be one of the silliest lines ever written.

The only way men fight is if one hits on their woman.

This statement is contrary to just about all of recorded history.

See here. Or here. Finally, here.

But never mind all of those wars. What about all of the times that guys get drunk in a bar, get into an argument over which sports team is better, and it escalates into a fistfight?

Thursday, 27 September 2007

The Irish Freedom Committee Presents “Hidden Agenda”

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The Guild Cinema and the Irish Freedom Committee present

Hidden Agenda is a 1990 film starring Frances McDormand, Brian Cox, and Brad Dourif. The film was directed by Ken Loach, produced by Eric Fellner, and written by Jim Allen

Hidden Agenda is a political thriller film directed by Ken Loach. The film is about the murder of an American civil rights activist in Northern Ireland by the police while driving in the company of an IRA sympathiser. It is inspired by the investigation into the RUC’s alleged “shoot to kill policy”, with Cox’s character representing John Stalker. E4A, an undercover unit of the Royal Ulster Constabulary claimed to be involved in the killings, is mentioned briefly in the film.

The motives behind the murder in the film are supposed to show the “inner workings” of politics and (in Loach’s belief) the way government acts to protect supposed freedom. We are shown the conformist face of people, the assumed futility of going  against the “high powers”, the manipulation of the media and some true ulterior motives that in Loach’s socialist beliefs drive the current world.

During one scene late in the movie, a renegade Special Air Service (SAS) agent possessing an audio tape that incriminates the British government is kidnapped by an SAS squad and bundled into a van on O’Connell Bridge in Dublin, a very busy river crossing in the center of the city. Loach filmed the scene with a hidden camera and without letting passers-by know that they were witnessing a movie shoot.

Dates / Location

10 November and 11 November 2007

Show times on both days: 12 PM — 2 PM

The Historic Guild Cinema — 505-255-1848 — 3405 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Irish Freedom Committee, 505-363-7974

Contact Chuck McLaughlin, 505-235-5906 for more information.

This screening is hosted by the Irish Freedom Committee. All proceeds will benefit the families of Irish Republican Prisoners of War currently held in English and Irish “Free State” prisons.

Seating is limited to 120 people. Admission is 7.00 FRN per person.

For more information from the Irish Freedom Committee, check out their newslist on Yahoo

More about Hidden AgendaWikipedia entry / Internet Movie Database entry


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Wednesday, 13 September 2006

The IFC Presents “Some Mother’s Son”

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The Irish Freedom Committee will be holding three screenings of the film “Some Mother’s Son” at the Guild Cinema on Thursday, 14 September 2006.

This film is a fictional account of the 1981 hunger strikes at Long Kesh Prison (HM Prison Maze), a very good account of what happens to an undefended community.

The Guild Cinema is located at 3405 Central Ave NE in Albuquerque. Showtimes are 4:30 PM, 6:45 PM and 9:15 PM. There will be a short question and answer session after the 6:45 showing.

Contact Charles McLaughlin for more details — 505-235-5906.

(Charles will also be appearing as a guest on The Weekly Sedition on 13 September 2006, from 8:00 to 9:00 PM.)


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