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Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Random Shots for Wednesday, 22 June 2022

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Today in history


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    “Whatever happened to the anti-war left???”
    A Democrat took over the White House, so I guess Joseph XLVI’s wars are OK by them?
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    Not disagreeing at all (I’ve been thinking for a while that something like this is necessary), but with Democrats having a 2/3 majority in New Mexico, I don’t see them going against Reynolds v. Sims [377 U.S. 533 (1964)] one bit.In the mean time —


  1. Ascension Wars, Book 3: Fractured Earth by Jasper T. Scott
  2. Caspian ReportWarfare is going autonomous and robotic [YouTube]
  3. Thomas Sowell WisdomWhy Do People Hold STEREOTYPES? [YouTube]
  4. Project VeritasVINTAGE VERITAS: In 2013 Gun Control Advocates Refused to Display Their Homes Were “Gun Free Zones” [YouTube]
  5. Frog TimeWhen a big spider meets a big frog [YouTube]
  6. KRQE NewsAlbuquerque shoplifter accused of pulling gun at multiple stores [YouTube]
  7. The Critical Drinker by Will JordanStar Wars – How To Alienate A Fanbase [YouTube]
  8. Heroes & Icons (H&I)Star Trek: Enterprise
  9. Comet TVThe X-Files

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