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Thursday, 19 November 2020

Tom Woods Covers the Beer Bug BS

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Tom Woods
Monday, November 16, 2020 at 2:15 PM

How’s this for a theory: the never-before-tried, never-before-recommended lockdown program flat-out doesn’t work.

Steve Sisolak, governor of Nevada, recently scolded citizens of his state. Why, only irresponsible behavior can account for a rise in “cases” there!

So he’s telling Nevadans that they have two weeks to get things under control.

He warned, “I’m not going to come back in two weeks and say I’m going to give you another chance.”

And then, three days later, Governor Sisolak himself tested positive for COVID-19.

Should we treat him like he’s 7 and scold him for his irresponsible behavior, the way he just did to his citizens?

The governor was forced to admit: “You can take all the precautions that are possible and you can still contract the virus. I don’t know how I got it.”

As Alex Berenson says, virus gonna virus.

The current state of lockdown “science” appears to be: we have no idea what we’re doing, but if something brings people pleasure we should probably limit or prohibit it, and if something causes great inconvenience or even pain, we should probably do that.

An anonymous professor who posts on Twitter about the virus just presented this graph for our consideration. It’s a plot of COVID deaths in North Carolina and Oklahoma. Those states have adopted very different approaches to the virus. And yet, somehow, they more or less track each other anyway; the graph is in the comments. [Reposted below — MWB]

Virus gonna virus.

Yesterday former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who has tested positive, posted the following:

“I so appreciate everyone’s good wishes!

“How did we catch it? I don’t know. We wore masks. We socially distanced. We avoided crowds. We haven’t had people in our house.”

Virus gonna virus.

We can either accept this, and take steps to protect those among us who are most at risk while others resume the one life they are given, or we can destroy our social fabric.

Meanwhile, we have families and friendships being torn apart over all this. You’re a bad person if you reject the propaganda. Why, you don’t care about saving lives! You’re “selfish”!

Never mind the countless lives lost by lockdown itself, a point I’ve made again and again. Those lives don’t seem to count for some reason. Link to my post “Death by Lockdown” also in the comments.


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