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Saturday, 24 October 2020

Random Shots for Saturday, 24 October 2020

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Today in history


  1. The Hu
    1. The HU – Wolf Totem (Official Music Video) [YouTube]
    2. The HU – Yuve Yuve Yu (Official Music Video) [YouTube]
  2. Better Noise Music [BNM] —
    1. The HU – Shoog Shoog (Official Lyric Video) [YouTube]
    2. The HU – Wolf Totem feat. Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach (Official Music Video) [YouTube]
  3. US of Z by “Monsieur Z” — Why The US Almost Annexed All Of Mexico | What If [YouTube]
  4. KNMD 9.1 [World affiliate for Albuquerque, New Mexico] — Dismantling Democracy
  5. Cerifiably Ingame26th-32nd Century: Star Trek Lore [YouTube]
  6. Trash TalkersRappers React To The Hu “Wolf Totem”!!! [YouTube]
  7. Storm King ComicsJohn Carpenter Presents Storm Kids – Stanley’s Ghost
  8. The Charismatic Voice by Elizabeth Zharoff — The Hu “Wolf Totem” REACTION & ANALYSIS by Vocal Coach / Opera Singer [YouTube]
  9. HazegrayartConvair Nexus Reusable SSTO Rocket: Proposed Saturn V Replacement [YouTube]
  10. US Military NewsHere’s How the MQ-25 Could Save the Aircraft Carrier From Becoming the Next Battleship or Not [YouTube]
  11. The Burnettwork from Robert Meyer Burnett — The never to be made AXANAR Feature STAR TREK Fan Film: [YouTube] – PART ONE, PART 2, PART 3
  12. KTEL 15.1 TV [MeTV affiliate for Albuquerque, New Mexico] — Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

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