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Thursday, 27 August 2020

Random Shots for Thursday, 27 August 2020

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    David Brin

    Larry Correia
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    There’s this old science fiction author named David Brin (the Postman). He’s very left wing, and over the last year I’ve repeatedly watched him engage in a very sleazy debate tactic to try and shame people into silence. And last night I called his bluff.
    This is his shtick. An author will post a political opinion that goes against proper good thinking left wing dogma. Brin will jump in, and post a whole bunch of stuff about how everybody on the right is stupid and evil, I’m talking rapid fire, five to ten unrelated topics about how the left is good and the right is awful. And then, rather than debate all that spaghetti he just threw at the wall, he’ll yell BET ME.
    And then he’ll say that anybody who won’t BET HIM that the left is awesome and the right is shit about topics A through Z, is a coward, who lacks “cojones”. And the lack of anyone taking his “bet” proves that Brin is right.
    Whenever anyone was foolish enough to actually try and debate Brin in good faith, Brin would either vanish, or fall back on BET ME.
    However, I had noticed that Brin usually only does the BET ME thing on the pages of authors who work hard to make ends meet, and who usually still have their day jobs. So they can’t actually put up real money over a frivolous bet, with somebody they know is a goal post shifting emotional liar anyway, and Brin knows it. Which is why this has been a safe tactic… until now. 😃
    So Brin does his BET ME easy button last night against Brad Torgersen. And he was silly enough to declare that democrat states are better for business than republican states for start ups and entrepreneurs. BET ME!
    And it just so happens that before I was an author, I was an accountant, and a giant part of my career was conducting business in a whole bunch of different states. Whoops. 😃
    So I responded that I would gladly take his bet. And not only would I take his bet, I would do so for real money. I suggested $5000. Then I outlined all the terms. We would get an attorney to draw up the agreement, and a CPA firm to audit the data. All financial data must abide by GAAP (I sure as shit wasn’t going to let him weasel out by posting some bullshit Vox editorial).
    I went into great detail. I demonstrated that I was very serious about taking his wager.
    Then I insulted his integrity, dignity, and honor. If this was in person I would’ve slapped him with a glove and then dropped it at his feet.
    You can see it here. The whole thing is pretty funny:
    I think my criteria are very reasonable. We needed parameters. None of this candy ass bullshit about feelings. Real business, regulatory burden, taxation and government costs. Ease of starting, maintaining, and profiting from a business. We take a look at where businesses are going, and where they are fleeing. Surveys of actual CEOs and CFOs. We look at companies small, medium, and large. (which I actually got kind of excited about, because this is what I used to do for a living).
    Take that real data, make a report, make your case to the judges we’ve agreed upon, and winner gets the pot. Let’s do this.
    But of course, he was all talk. Brin had a few hours to respond last night, and crickets. Then this morning I got up to see that he’d responded to other people (only sans BET ME now) but had not responded to my acceptance of his wager.
    Disgusted by this weakness, I blocked him, so I would be spared being drug into his tired bullshit on other author’s pages (some of us still have books to write). However, before I did I made it known to everyone there that should Brin decide to do his BET ME thing anywhere else, to remind him that Larry Correia is more than happy to take him up on that.
    Since I can’t see his annoying time suck posts anymore (prior experience had shown that whenever I shot down his goofy points, he’d just run away) and he can’t see mine, I also listed a few mutual acquaintances who know both Brin and I, who have my personal email and cell phone. Should Brin find his “cojones” I will gladly and confidently take his bet. We will get a lawyer to draw up an agreement, and then place money in escrow. Put up or shut up.
    For the record, I am not normally a betting man. I don’t like gambling. However I will gladly put up several thousand dollars just to call David Brin’s bluff.


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