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Saturday, 1 August 2020

Random Shots for Saturday, 1 August 2020

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Today in history


  1. New Mexico In Depth: Re: Despite no corporate money pledges, Democratic federal candidates keep taking it

    If you want to “get the money out of politics” while still supporting your candidate(s), there’s a very simple solution — refuse to donate any cash to their campaigns. Instead, offer to buy them door-hanger flyers, or yard signs, or contribute to a media buy, or to pay the campaign’s website bill (directly to the webhost). Let their overpaid “consultants” pay for Happy Hour with a fistful of brochures for a change.

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  1. New Mexico In DepthDespite no corporate money pledges, Democratic federal candidates keep taking it by Bryan Metzger
  2. Bearing ArmsRoberts’ Reluctance And The 2A Waiting Game by Cam Edwards
  3. Time’s Tapestry, Book Three: Navigator by Stephen Baxter
  4. Insane Reality10 Future Military Aircraft YOU HAVE TO SEE [YouTube]
  5. SUNRISEThis American military armored personnel carrier shocked everyone with its weapons! [YouTube]
  6. DUSTSci-Fi Short Film “Anomaly” | DUST [YouTube]
  7. Officer Gregg – OG’s Danger ShowKel Tec RDB-C, the ugliest and coolest rifle ever! [YouTube]
  8. WhatifalthistWhat if Civil War broke out between Republicans and Democrats? [YouTube]
  9. Hashem Al-GhailiSimulation | AWARD-WINNING Sci-Fi Short Film [YouTube]
  10. Arielle ScarcellaHow Conservatives Are Treating Me : Ex-Lefty Lesbian #DebateNotHate [YouTube]
  11. Timcast IRL by Tim PoolThe Silent Majority is REAL, We Have Hard Proof They Exist [YouTube]
  12. The Joe Rogan Experience [JRE] from Joe RoganJoe Rogan Experience # 1485 – Krystal & Saagar [YouTube]
  13. InRange TV by Ian McCollum and Karl Kasarda — Review: Kel-Tec RDB [YouTube]
  14. AmmoLand Shooting Sports News
    1. The DNC Platform Goal is to End the Firearm Industry by Larry Keane
    2. Sen. Tammy Duckworth Everytown Veepstakes Gun Control Talking Points by AmmoLand Editor Jim Grant
  15. Empty Can Films — “Sol 87” – Martian Sci Fi Thriller [YouTube]
  16. Garand Thumb by Mike Jones — JP Enterprises SCR-11, the fastest AR-15 around [YouTube]

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