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Thursday, 30 July 2020

Random Shots for Thursday, 30 July 2020

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    Somehow the homeless camp at the Coronado Dog Park (3rd and I-40 NW in Albuquerque) hasn’t been deemed any sort of violation of the “public health order,” despite the fact that most of them don’t seem to be wearing any sort of mask. Nor are any of them “social distancing” or the ban on more than five people congregating together enforced, by APD, BCSO, NMSP, or anyone else.

    Speaking of the homeless, why are there any of them left? Why hasn’t the Beer Bug wiped them all out? They don’t practice good sanitation, they drink, they use drugs, they don’t use masks, they don’t “social distance,” etc.

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    To whom are you referring here? Myself or MLG?

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    Do humanity a favor and go fuck yourself in the ass with a lit stick of dynamite, OK?

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    Are they also going to try and mob up on the 2,500 federal agents that are already here?

    Are they going to meet the 35 new agents at the airport at the gate as those agents exit the aircraft?

    PS: If you get the opportunity, check out the “Center for Peace and Justice” at 202 Harvard SE — chances are that just about every lefty-fascist whackjob group in the greater Albuquerque area will at least drop their brochures there — excellent resource for anyone wanting to gather intel on those groups.


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