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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Random Shots for Wednesday, 29 July 2020

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Today in history


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    This article might as well have been written by Bloomberg’s astroturf “Everytown” outfit, considering that Klein uses quite a few of that organization’s talking points:

    “I totally agree with City Councilor Sena, ACLU Director Simonson and Mayor Keller. I only wish they would show up at the next protest and ‘peacefully and lovingly’ tell those people in these pictures to put their guns away. These are armed protesters in Seattle and Louisville, Kentucky. Albuquerque doesn’t want their weapons of war on our streets.”

    “Take another look at the weapons these militia members are carrying. I am sure most of them have armor piercing bullets that will shred a police car, fire truck or ambulance.”

    “When you hear media accounts of how violent America’s police are, as compared to the United Kingdom and other first world countries, you must recognize that in America most people have weapons of war under their beds. In those other countries these weapons are prohibited.”

    “Of the 1,000 people who are killed yearly by American officers, the majority are armed with firearms, and many are armed with these weapons of war.”

    “Until we can make America a utopia of love, flowers, and ice cream shops, we must recognize that America has a love affair with guns, a lot of them military grade. These guns are in the hands of some very violent young men.”

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    Agreed, Mr. Krangle — gun control is being safe, proficient and judicious in using your firearm.

    What the “gun control” (now “gun safety” or “gun reform” as they call themselves at present) advocates are after is more properly called *victim disarmament,* as the only people who will really be disarmed are those who need firearms for self-defense the most — the 5’0″ 100-pound woman who’s being stalked by her crazed 6’0″ 200-pound ex-boyfriend. But since she didn’t make out that check for 10 grand to the DNC-affiliated super-PAC, who cares about her, right?

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    Completely bailing from Facebook might not be the best move at present, as some members won’t make the transition to the new platform.

    Last night’s temporary disappearance of the group looks to have been some sort of technical glitch.

    I suggest setting up similar groups on other platforms for when the Facebook admins do decide to crack down on its presence here, so that there is an alternate already in place and ready to go. Also, the group might pick up new people who want nothing to do with Facebook, but are otherwise compatible with the group.

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    Creating backups on multiple platforms is the same sort of thing that I’ve done with New Mexico Libertarians:


  1. ABQ ReportIdiot city councilors: this is what cops are facing on the streets – weapons of war by Dan Klein
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  4. Time’s Tapestry, Book Three: Navigator by Stephen Baxter
  5. Electronic Frontier Foundation [EFF] — A Legislative Path to an Interoperable Internet by Bennett Cyphers and Cory Doctorow
  6. IDW PublishingThe Kill Lock
  7. Money and more by Norbert Häring — The totalitarian surveillance fantasy Known Traveller will soon become reality for Eurostar-travellers
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  11. Garand Thumb by Mike Jones — Geissele URGI: The new Army Special Forces Rifle. [YouTube]

The Hu — Wolf Totem [Music Video]

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