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Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Random Shots for Tuesday, 21 July 2020

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Today in history


  1. Garand Thumb by Mike Jones — Navy SEAL and Army Special Forces Operator discuss Fighting Rifle Setup [YouTube]
  2. Overlord DVD by “Dicktor Van Doomcock”Star Wars Leak | Lucasfilm Upheaval | Is Lucas About to Return? [YouTube]
  3. What Da Math by Anton Petrov — First Ever Exposed Core of a Planet And Largest Terrestrial World Found [YouTube]
  4. InRange TVM1 Carbine vs AKS74U [YouTube]
  5. Self-Defense Psychology 101 by Aron “Kalaii” Hawkins — SIMPLE POLITICAL UNDERSTANDING [YouTube]
  6. Task & PurposeAK 47 Family of Weapons Evolves to Russian Ratnik AK 12 [YouTube]
  7. Captain MidnightThe Slow, Painful Death of SYFY [YouTube]
  8. I Need More Space by TJ Cooney — NASA Admits they Favored Boeing over SpaceX [YouTube]
  9. Decades Old Nuclear Missiles Finally Launched As Orbital Rockets [YouTube] by Scott Manley
  10. Real EngineeringAre Space Elevators Possible? [YouTube]
  11. The Gun Collective [TGC] — How Gun Channels Make Money! [YouTube]
  12. Timcast IRL by Tim PoolDemocrat FURIOUS Over Democratic Party Failures QUITS, Explains Why He Did [YouTube]
  13. Jocko Podcast with Jocko WillinkDoes Jocko Believe in Overtraining? – Jocko Willink [YouTube]

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