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Sunday, 12 July 2020

Random Shots for Sunday, 12 July 2010

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Today in history


  1. Time’s Tapestry, Book Two: Conqueror by Stephen Baxter
  2. LP Chair Nick Sarwark Farewell 7/11/20 [YouTube] from Carol Moore
  3. HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys – The Legacy World Tour 2005 / 2006
  4. Garand Thumb by Mike Jones — The Desert Eagle .50 AE [YouTube]
  5. Timcast by Tim PoolTrump REFUSED Emergency Request To Pay For Leftist Rioters Damage, Democrats Leadership Backfires [YouTube]
  6. Nerdrotic by Gary Buechler / Overlord DVD by “Dicktor Van Doomcock”Star Trek Lower Decks REACTION! Disney Star Wars DECEPTION! [YouTube]
  7. GQThe Political Education of Killer Mike by Donovan X. Ramsey
  8. National Public Radio [NPR] — Goats and Soda: The Kung Fu Nuns Of Kathmandu by Windsor Johnston

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