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Friday, 26 June 2020

Random Shots for Friday, 26 June 2020

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    Elisheva Hannah Levin
    Friday, June 26, 2020 at 7:26 AM

    Some so-called libertarians are confused by the romance of getting one’s way with the point of a gun. Here is a primer on Black Lives Matter, the organization that needs to be distinguished from the truism that black lives matter equally to every person’s rights.

    Black Lives Matter, the organization, is not libertarian in the least. It is a violent, Marxist organization with an anti-liberty philosophy. This was clearer before they sanitized their Facebook, but it is still there for people who have the eyes to read and an understanding of what rights are. The Libertarian Party cannot play nice with these people and expect to retain our liberty.

    The idea that black lives matter is a truism. Of course they do, and in the cases where police brutality occur it needs to be said.

    Libertarians do not need Marxist or other totalitarian talking points to know that or act on it. We support the right of each person to his or her own life, liberty, and property. Any organization that promotes the destruction of property or claims that certain individuals do not have rights because of who their ancestors were, or what their skin tone is, is not libertarian, and any so-called libertarian who supports them is either confused or disingenuous.

    Black Lives Matter, the organization has hijacked the issue that individual black lives do matter, in order to spread their hatred of liberty and their plan for a totalitarian society that they believe they will rule. Libertarians cannot support this.

    The LP must not get used by such an organization. We can and should condemn police brutality as a violation of individual rights, AND at the same time, condemn the destruction of anyone’s property as the violation of individual rights.

    As for the destruction of public monuments, the problem is still clear. Groups can own things together, and destruction of those things is still violence. We should not support it. At the same time, we should support the movement of those problematic monuments out of shared space into museums that can place them in their historical contexts, so we can teach them the context. This will take time, and intellectual effort that transcends slogans and the point of a gun. It is worth doing. Tearing down an entire society and replacing it with either chaos or Marxism is not an option for libertarians — whether big or small L.

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    Dumpster Fire is very offended by the insinuation that it is connected to the DNC, the Biden campaign, etc.

    Vote Dumpster Fire early and often!

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    Let’s just get it over with, and declare New Mexico to be a failed state.

    We can give the west half to Arizona, and the east half to Texas.

    If Arizona or Texas will take any parts of New Mexico, that is.

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    “long nose culture” ?

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    So you’re of the Aryan Airhead persuasion?

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    With this picture on your personal profile, how could you NOT be an Aryan Airhead?

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    To vaccinate for lefty-fascist progressivism, simply replace the mask with a plastic bag. That also lets them lead by example where carbon sequestration is concerned.

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    If the lefty fascists are going to eat each other, all I can offer is condiments.


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    Q: Are you wearing a mask in public? honest

    Question by Danielle Gager

    A: Nope


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