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Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Random Shots for Wednesday, 17 June 2020

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Today in history


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    Considering the behavior of the 2016 presidential and vice-presidential nominees (“we’re not going to roll those laws back,” “we’re not going to repeal these laws,” “Hillary Clinton is a fine public servant,” “pull the pin out of the AR-15 and it becomes full auto,” “I’ve always supported the individual mandate,” “someone besides the DNC has to stick up for Hillary”), I’ve thought about getting a MAGA hat and wearing it while telling people I was a Libertarian.

    NOT because Trump is a libertarian, but because the LP membership is willing to tolerate such egregious pissing on its principles by its nominees in the name of “getting people elected.”

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    When the existing departments can’t get the job done, by all means, create another one and fill it up with friends and family!

    What could ever go wrong with that plan?

    By the way, what (if any) city department is Keller going to shut down to make room for the new one?

    Albuquerque Journal
    Monday, June 15, 2929 at 9:55 AM

    Amid nationwide calls for police reform, Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller plans to create a public safety department that would send trained professionals to respond to certain calls for help in place of armed officers.

    Agency would send trained professionals to some calls

    Mayor proposes public safety department

    Agency would send trained professionals to some calls


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    1. W.F.O.
    2. The Killing Kind
  2. KUPT 29 TV [Heroes & Icons (H&I) affiliate for Albuquerque, New Mexico] — Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  3. Albuquerque JournalMayor proposes new public safety department by Edmundo Carrillo, Journal Staff Writer

Random Shots for Tuesday, 16 June 2020

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Today in history


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    Why not let the people who want these statues to stay up raise the cash to buy them, then have those statues moved to their private land?

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    Why can’t the people who want the statues to stay up raise the cash to buy those statues and then transport them to private land, and then put then back up there?

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    Please welcome John Dandin to the group!

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    Why bother pulling down some bit of trashy taxpayer-subsidized “art” when you can put up your own bit of trashy “art” ?

    Simply get ahold of a non-running car, spray-paint all over it at random, then put it up on some trashy-looking pedestal on a roadside somewhere. Even better if you can cause traffic jams for three weeks during the “installation” process.

    And don’t forget to glue all sorts of sex toys to the outside of the car after it’s up on the pedestal.

    Then hit up Tim Keller’s office for a 50k check, under the auspices of “public art.”

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    Is the eye patch to cover up where Biden skull-fucked her?

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    And already, there are some that call themselves “Libertarians” who want to throw Steve under the rhetorical bus for the sake of expediency so that the victim disarmers will like them.

    Those “Libertarians” aren’t small-l libertarians at all in that the Non-Aggression Principle for them isn’t something to live by and advocate for, but just a big joke or worn-out marketing gimmick.

    Elisheva Hannah Levin
    Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at 8:53 PM

    “When you’re young and full of life, you do strange things.”
    — David Love, Grand Old Man of Rocky Mountain Geology.

    When the story of Antifa pulling down the old Don Juan de Onate statue near the Albuquerque Museum went out, it must have been a slow news day in Stamford, CT. And so the media proceeded to get it wrong because they don’t understand the West, and they don’t know a damned thing about New Mexico. So they got it wrong in every particular. Typical for the media. Write first, ask questions later.

    Steven Baca was not a member of the Civil Guard. Neither was he careless, nor was he a cold-blooded killer. He was a young man who went down to protect a friend or family member from Antifa, who were engaged in destroying a statue of Don Juan del Onate. Baca was there to protect a female friend or family member, who was there to protect her heritage.

    Mayor Tim Keller deliberately restrained the police and withheld them from a protest that he should have known would turn violent. Antifa is not the ladies’ altar society. They deliberately stoke the passions of the crowd.

    The Civil guard was there to protect public property and the people of Albuquerque who cherish their Spanish heritage because the mayor would not allow the police to do their job. Keller is not a young man, and knew what antifa thugs are capable of doing. Antifa was there to create trouble.

    When Steven Baca’s female friend or relative went up to pray while antifa wanted to pull the statue down, Steven protected her. She went back several times. Steven was open carrying a pistol, and that is constitutional in New Mexico. If you open carry, everyone knows you are armed.

    When the Antifa thugs came after Steven, he retreated along the road. Hands up, he backed away as four thugs came after him. This is appropriate behavior when open carrying. You try to avoid confrontation by retreating. The thugs followed, taunting him. One thug was armed with two knives and a very large, green skateboard. Skateboards have been used by BLM and Antifa as weapons, and one was used to bash a man’s head in and kill him in Dallas. The four thugs closed in on Steven Baca, and one hit him in the head with the skateboard. The thug can clearly be seen brandishing knives in each hand, as he crouched to the attack. Stephen pulled his gun and fired four shots in self defense. He then had the training and presence of mind to kneel down and seemed to be using his cell phone. CCW training tells you to call the police or sheriff after stopping an attacker.

    Steven’s moves were defensive. We all have the right to defend our own lives if they are threatened. As a person who once had to draw a weapon against an attack by a deranged man at my ranch gate, I can tell you that the decision is made by pure training and not reason. I did not have to fire. Steven did. My attacker backed down when he saw my Glock. Steven’s attacker went at him with knives.

    I would not have gone down to 12th and Mountain. I am older and wiser and more experienced. But when you are young and full of life, you do strange things. Steven’s attacker made an error. The thug is some mother’s son, and I hope he lives. But son, never bring a knife to a gunfight. Expecially one that you instigate by attacking some son’s mother.

    The Civil Guard secured the scene and called the police. It took the police 15 minutes to answer. When seconds count, the police are 15 minutes away. The Civil Guard adhered to their training and submitted to the police when they arrived.

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    Please welcome Kam Kam to the group!

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    KOB can’t even be bothered to spell “militia” properly.


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