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Sunday, 31 May 2020

Random Shots for Sunday, 31 May 2020

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    So Roofus, where exactly do you get the authority to physically assault and batter anyone who isn’t wearing a mask just because you feel like it?

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    And I’ve seen lots of people going about their business without wearing any form of mask, so it looks like you’re going to be assaulting and battering lots of people then.

    Have fun with that, because some of them will hit back.

    I can say unequivocally that should you get your ass kicked by one of these people, I’m the last person on the planet that you should seek any form of sympathy or empathy from.

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    Just saying that you seem to be a victim of the ID10T virus that’s been spread by the COVID-19 panic.

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    Roofus, if you want to lead by example on the climate change issue, PM me with a mailng address, so that I can send you a plastic bag.

    The extra upside of it is that you won’t have to worry about COVID-19, either.

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    You don’t want anyone to get too close to you, but here you are asking me out on a date?

    I find that highly irregular.

    Plus, I just don’t go that way.

    Have fun with that bugchasing!

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    Back out from what?

    I’ve already made you my bitch here.


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  1. Spent some of today putting Mom’s affairs in order, doing some yard work and cleaning the house.

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