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Friday, 22 May 2020

Random Shots for Friday, 22 May 2020

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Today in history


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    From the article:

    “The Democratic governor said that approved spending increases will have to be slowed due to a drop of up to $2.4 billion in estimated revenue levels, but that federal stimulus funds and state cash reserves could help the state avoid layoffs and furloughs of state workers and teachers.”

    G-ds forbid that any state employees should lose any income because of the COVID-19 panic.

    Who then speaks for the private sector workers who were laid off of furloughed, and are struggling to make ends meet?

    Certainly NOT the Maximum Loony Grandstander AKA Governor Chipmunk.

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    Although Bitch Planet did have its moments, that’s all they were — moments.

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    For your consideration —

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    How many times in the last ten years has Drobik been on street patrol?

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    I just looked it up on the Google Play Store, and you’re not the only one to dislike it. No, I didn’t install it, nor do I have any plans to install it.

    What was a bit depressing were the reviews from people saying that “everyone needs to install it and use it.”

    I’m wondering if Google and Apple will sneak this onto our phones by including it in one of OS updates for Android and iOS.


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