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Monday, 20 April 2020

Random Shots for Monday, 20 April 2020

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Today in history


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    Looks like the Super Pigs’ funding is a part of the State’s budget that can be slashed to ZERO if there’s a special session for budgetary issues.

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    Am I clear to copy and paste this?

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    Lockdown Lujan is chafing at the bit for a chance to pay back the Duke of New York, Baron Bloomberg, for the millions he gave her so that she could get (s)elected as First Non-Essential ‘Worker.’

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    What’s this, Derailment 101 ?

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    It seems that the lamestream snoozemedia is trying to dismiss the protests against the lockdowns as inconsequential.

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    I’m kind of done with the superhero genre. I’m glad to see that not everyone in the industry is relying on it as their bread and butter.

    As for the “woke” characters, let them try that bit with Deadpool or the Punisher.

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    She’s a First Non-Essential “Worker” with a (D) after her name, so the lamestream snoozemedia gives her a free pass. Did you seriously expect anything different?

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    A fellow Activist here in New Mexico is struggling to keep his business open as a result of the current lock down. J.L. Atreides is a great person who’s volunteered a lot of his time to help our community, to break barriers, and to protect against government overreach and now needs our help! Will you help support a great small business and a great person in this difficult time?


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