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Saturday, 21 March 2020

Random Shots for Saturday, 21 March 2020

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Today in history


  1. The Human Chronicles Saga, Book 1: The Fringe Worlds by T. R. (Tom) Harris
  2. Overlord DVD by “Dicktor Van Doomcock” — Snowflake and Safespace | The Worst Idea in Marvel History! [YouTube]
  3. YellowFlash 2The fall of Marvel Comics | New Warriors is nothing compared to this! [YouTube]
  4. JLS Comics — History and Origin of G.I. Joe’s COBRA COMMANDER! [YouTube]
  5. The Firearm Blog [TFB] — TFBTV: Top 5 Guns: Tim of Military Arms Channel Picks His Favorites [YouTube]
  6. Garand Thumb by Mike Jones — The LMT M4 (Ambidextrous, improved reliability M4) [YouTube]
  7. TaofledermausPrototype RUSSIAN slug is almost unstoppable! [YouTube]
  8. Van HalenLive: Right Here, Right Now
  9. OverkillThe Wings of War
  10. Vanity FairThe Book of Reese by Ann Patchett
  11. WiredThe Doctor Who Helped Defeat Smallpox Explains What’s Coming by Steven Levy
  12. TNTJustice League

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