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Friday, 20 March 2020

Random Shots for Friday, 20 March 2020

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    Glad to be here!

    SMUDGE 2020!

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    Please welcome L.F. Thayrium to the group!


  1. The Human Chronicles Saga, Book 1: The Fringe Worlds by T. R. (Tom) Harris
  2. Colion NoirGun Control proponents are now trying to buy Guns & ammo anticipating “The Sh* Hitting the Fan” [YouTube]
  3. Forgotten Weapons by Ian McCollum — H&K’s Middle Child: The HK33 and HK53 in 5.56mm [YouTube]
  4. Nerdrotic by Gary Buechler — Marvel CANCELS Comic Shops | Snowflake and SafeSpace Won’t Save Retailers [YouTube]
  5. What Da Math by Anton Petrov — Scientists May Have Found The Dark Matter Particles! [YouTube]
  6. Midnight’s EdgeStar Wars, Bloodshot and more rushed to streaming; Netflix cuts bitrate! [YouTube]
  7. YoungRippa59 by Eric July — Marvel Proves Me Right AGAIN | New Warriors Trailer REACTION [YouTube]
  8. Van HalenLive: Right Here, Right Now
  9. OverkillThe Wings of War
  10. Quanta MagazineIdeal Glass Would Explain Why Glass Exists at All by Natalie Wolchover

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