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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Random Shots for Tuesday, 17 March 2020

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    I left the LPNM simply because I have an extremely low tolerance for back stabbing and cheating. Others left around the same time I did for the same reason.

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    Consider Diaspora*, Flote, Friendica, Gab, Liberty.Me, MeWe, Minds, Pocketnet, or Spreely as possible alernatives. [Part of the Friendica portion of the Fediverse]

    h t t p : / / m i n d s . c o m / m i k e w b 1 9 7 1

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    I’m slowly duplicating my FB pages on Spreely, in advance of a possible mass migration.

    Diaspora* doesn’t have pages or groups, and it helps if you can read German, French and Spanish, but there is some interesting stuff there.

    Friendica is similar to Diaspora, along with the posts in Russian and Japanese.

    Gab is a less-censored version of Twitter.

    MeWe lets you create groups at no charge, but charges you per month for pages. Also, they don’t let you share links for anything there (including your own stuff) outside of MeWe.

    Minds lets you create groups at no charge, but doesn’t have any version of pages. Plus, the mobile version works fine, but on the desktop / laptop version, their user interface needs a bit of work.

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    They can’t die of coronavirus if “Dr.” Kermit and his unsterilized Shop-Vac get to them first.


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