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Friday, 6 March 2020

Random Shots for Friday, 6 March 2020

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Today in history


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    He ought to know — Rudy-poo was part of the corruption since his days as a federal prosecutor.

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    She should have stuck with it til September.

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  1. Star Trek: Picard
  2. 7 Deadly Scenarios: A Military Futurist Explores War in the 21st Century by Andrew F. Krepinevich
  3. OverkillThe Wings of War
  4. Rob Zombie
    1. Educated Horses
    2. Past, Present & Future
  5. The Truth About Guns [TTAG] — Gun Owners of America Applies for a Red Flag Order for Senator Charles Schumer by Carl Bussjaeger
  6. OverkillThe Wings of War
  7. KRQE News — Guns used in closed cases, purchased during buybacks, to be used to create sculptures

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