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Thursday, 27 February 2020

Summing Up the Hoplophobes and Victim Disarmers in a Paragraph

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Today’s Albuquerque Journal, fresh from the driveway, has the following in the “Speak Up!” section of the Op-Ed page (A13)

BACKGROUND CHECKS can help reduce mass shootings if they are combined with other strong measures. Close the loopholes and make purchases that are now legal, illegal. MY

If that doesn’t sum up the hoplophobe and victim disarmer mindset, I don’t know what does.

This is why I am not fond of the phrase “law-abiding” when used by right-to-own-and-carry-weapons advocates in relation to gun owners. The openly-stated intent of the victim disarmers is to make it more difficult and more expensive to own any sort of firearm in a legal manner.

Y’all do realize that calling yourself a “law-abiding” gun owner while simultaneously sporting any “I WILL NOT COMPLY” graphics or signage is idiocy. For the very essence of “law-abiding” is compliance with every little asinine, ridiculous, burdensome edict put out by the Political Classholes?!


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