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Monday, 10 February 2020

Random Shots for Monday, 10 February 2020

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Today in history


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    Please welcome Sorrine Ardeleanu to the group!

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    1. Sorinne’s website is
    2. Admin note — I posted a welcome message for Sorinne yesterday at around 2:22 AM. I checked the group today to find that it had disappeared, so this is the re-post.

      URL for the first time I posted this:

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    “law-abiding concealed handgun license holder”

    I’m becoming less and less fond of the phrase “law-abiding” when used in connection with the right to own and carry weapons, considering that the hoplophobes and victim disarmers openly state their intent to make it more and more difficult for us abide by the law while being armed in any capacity whatsoever.

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    Bernie would be the bag of Brussel Sprouts that someone left on the counter because they were too lazy to return them the frozen veggies section.

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    If it had been the DPNM headquarters, they would be screaming “racism!” and “hate crime!” for a week.

    When was the last time a Republican or libertarian ever hit someone they disagreed with at a rally over the head with a bike lock?

    When was the last time a Republican or libertarian ever lit M-80 fuses, stuffed the lit M-80s into empty wine bottles, then tossed those bottles into the Democrat crowd?


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