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Thursday, 16 January 2020

Random Shots for Thursday, 16 January 2020

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Today in history


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    If you want to run as an independent, you should probably change your voter registration to DTS (“Decline To State”) ASAP (as in this morning, 5 minutes after your county clerk’s office opens, and make sure you get paperwork from them documenting the change), as you have to run with whatever affiliation you have when the Governor’s Proclamation comes out (usually the last week of January).

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    You might have to be part of a Lincoln Chafee presidential campaign, for one. Even if you’re not planning on running until 2022, some of the Tapeworm’s patsies might insist that you “make your bones” in 2020 before being considered for anything in 2022.

    I saw how the LNC refused to even censure Mr Bill the Original Weldist after

    1. his 3 August 2016 interview on Revolt TV (“take a pin out of an AR-15 and it becomes full auto”),

    2. his 29 August 2016 interview with Yahoo! News (where he said “I’ve always supported the individual mandate” of Obamacare),

    3. then he went on the Rachel Maddow show where he was “vouching” for Hillary Clinton (“because somebody besides the DNC should speak up for her”),

    4. how in September 2016, he donated 400 bucks to New Hampshire Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Sununu, while not donating a penny to Max Abramson, the Libertarian running against Sununu.

    I hereby predict that a Chafee presidential campaign on the LP ticket will be more of the above.

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    I recommend reading “Down By Law,” by the late, great Victor Milan —

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    How about the Democrats take a four-year break from making government more intrusive and expensive?

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    If they absolutely have to have bus service along Central, simply shut down the DingleBerry Express and bring back the Rapid Ride?

    Except that the Rapid Ride never went away at all, did it?

    The DingleBerry Express is nothing more than a gentrified Route 66.

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    They pull out all the stops to shut down the petrochemical industry, but sure are happy to use the taxes they get from it to fund their legalized vote buying schemes public schools and welfare state “social safety net”.

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    What part of Article XX, Section I allows Lujan-Grisham or her buddies in the Legislature willfully disregard parts of the State or federal Constitutions that they don’t like, such as Article II, Section 6 or the Second Amendment, respectively?


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Snow Again in Albuquerque

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