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Thursday, 28 November 2019

Random Shots for Thursday, 28 November 2019

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Today in history


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    I won’t cry any tears if the pedophiles get driven to the forgotten corners of the world where no one else wants to live.

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    And under T.rump’s “bump stock” ban, a shoestring is a machinegun again!

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    Is Trump going to piss away people who DID vote for him (firearm owners) in 2016 and put him in the White House in the hopes of attracting votes from people who would prefer to vote for whoever or whatever the DNC nominates, and probably won’t vote for him regardless of how he tries to appease them by supporting their preferred victim disarmament policies?

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    Why is it that the same victim disarmers who tell us to use martial arts or less lethal weapons (pepper spray or tasers, blunt objects) in lieu of firearms also want to make our using those illegal?

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    How about NO BUYOUT CLAUSE in the next superintendent’s contract — if this person resigns or gets fired before the contract expires, this person receives NO MORE MONEY from the taxpayers?

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    Do they have space reserved for the County Commissioners? If anyone needs routine stays there, it seems to be them.

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    H/T Donald Lawson

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    Monalisa Foster
    Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at 5:16 AM

    A few days ago I celebrated the 41st anniversary of my arrival on US soil. As a LEGAL immigrant who had left a communist country (and all the persecution that came with that) I had spent several months in Rome in a kind of holding pattern while the paperwork was finalized.

    Not even the wonders of Rome were enough to prepare me for my first trip a Dominick’s (a grocery store chain in the Chicago area).

    We didn’t have grocery stores in Romania. We had ration card lines. We had bread lines. We had lines for everything. I spent a great deal of my childhood waiting in line, first for the ration card, then for the actual food, which was at a different location you didn’t know about until you got the ration card. Often, it meant that by the time you got to the place where the food was, it was gone. And unless the people ahead of you in line were your blood relatives, you were unlikely to get the information ahead of time, not that it would do you any good, given that you needed the card.

    I never saw meat in a butcher shop in Romania. I saw fly paper. Plenty of fly paper. Even had some flies on it. If there was any meat, it was in the back where the butcher held on to it for the “right” people (you know who they are, the pigs that were more equal than the rest of us) or for those who had something to exchange.

    Imagine walking into a Dominick’s for the first time. There are no lines to get the food. And there is food everywhere. In cans. In boxes, in bottles, in neatly packaged, gleaming plastic wrap.

    Any cut of meat. Chicken, pork, beef, fish. Anything your heart could desire. For me, it was like magic, because I had never seen most of the stuff inside that packaging. And we could touch it. We could pick it up. We could put it in the cart. We weren’t limited to one item. We were only limited in what we could pay, which was also unbelievable, because compared to what we were used to paying, all of it was cheap. Incredibly cheap. No bribes either.

    There were breads and pastries of every kind, all of it fresh, some made to order. They would cut slices of meat for you!

    The bananas were yellow, not green, and you could have more than one between you and the other members of your family.

    There was coffee. There were razor blades (yes, a big luxury item since the men shaved). There was milk. Tons of it. And butter. And all of it was clean and fresh (not rotted and looking like it had rolled down a hill).

    Thanksgiving is coming up. Remember to give thanks for the USA and the capitalism that clothes and feeds you every day. Remember to give thanks for not having to stand in line in the hopes that you will get a winning ticket in the food lottery. Remember to give thanks for not having to sell a bit of your soul or your body for the chance to get “your fair share.”


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