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Friday, 22 November 2019

Random Shots for Friday, 22 November 2019

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Today in history


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    Tom Souther — the LP’s 2016 VP nominee for one — Mr Bill the Original Weldist. He not only accommodates the victim disarmers and hoplophobes, he signed their sorts of policies into Massachusetts “law” back in 1993.

    And then there’s Lincoln Chafee, former Republican Governor and Democrat U.S. Senator from Rhode Island, who conveniently changed his residency to Wyoming in January after joining the LP.

    In Chafee’s case, the hoplophobia runs in the family — his father (John Chafee) was the Republican U.S. Senator from Rhode Island who in the early 1990s sponsored a bill to require confiscation of civilian-owned handguns.

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    There’s plenty of biological / chronological “adults” who expect government to entertain themselves as well as their kids. I cite the taxpayer-subsidized sports arenas and teams, movies and TV shows, stage theaters, art galleries, as examples.

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    “With Eddy, maybe the Republicans will grow some spine here in New Mexico.”

    They’ll grow just enough backbone to stick their knives in his back, then reabsorb those vertebrae once the task is complete.

    In my opinion, of course.

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    What’s disgusting is that the final line of most if not all capital outlay bills (even the ones sponsored by “fiscal conservative” type Republicans) goes like this —

    “EMERGENCY.–It is necessary for the public peace, health and safety that this act take effect immediately.”

    On the Wiktionary page for the word “emergency,” the first defintion reads as:

    “A situation which poses an immediate risk and which requires urgent attention.”

    Last time I checked, whether or not some community center gets its kitchen renovated doesn’t meet the above definition.


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