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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Trapped Squirrel Rescue!

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Earlier this morning, I saw gravel falling through the bathroom vent, and heard a chirping sound coming from the same vent.

Thinking that a bird had gotten trapped in the vent, I went up to the roof, pulled off the vent cover, and found a squirrel trapped inside —


At first, I put a stick down the pipe, so that said squirrel could climb up and out to freedom. No dice there — my trapped friend was probably too scared to do so.

Next, I grabbed a pair of leather work gloves from the garage, picked up the squirrel, and then lifted the squirrel up and out of the vent pipe.

Alas, my new pal didn’t stick around for a post-rescue photo.

I did make sure to cover the vent pipe with some window screen mesh and secure that to the pipe with duct tape before replacing the vent cover.

In the end, I saved a pile of FRNs by not having to call any sort of contractor, and avoided having to deal with the City (didn’t need to call “Animal Control”).


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