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Monday, 27 May 2019

Random Shots for Monday, 27 May 2019

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Today in history


  1. Target Books — Doctor Who and the War Games by Malcolm Hulke
  2. Honest Outlaw [YouTube] — Top 5 Best Pistols No One Knows About
  3. JRE Clips by Joe Rogan [YouTube] — What Tulsi Gabbard Was Told Her First Day in Congress | Joe Rogan
  4. OverkillWhite Devil Armory
  5. What Da Math by Anton Petrov [YouTube] — Most Gold In The Universe Was Created By Collapsars, But What Is It?
  6. hortenwings [YouTube] — Horten Ho 229 Reconstruction Project – German (Deutsch)
  7. Pink Flame of Liberty by Caryn Ann Harlos [YouTube] — LP Convention Initiative “Close the Back Door”
  8. Science ChannelHow the Universe Works
  9. KUPT 29 TV [Heroes & Icons (H&I) affiliate for Albuquerque, New Mexico] —
    1. Star Trek: The Next Generation
    2. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    3. Star Trek: Enterprise
  10. Foundation for Economic Education [FEE] — The Gold Standard Didn’t Create the Great Depression, the Federal Reserve Did by Germinal G. Van

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