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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Random Shots for Sunday, 19 May 2019

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Today in history


  1. Target Books — Doctor Who and the Time Warrior by Terrance Dicks
  2. Thoisoi2 – Chemical Experiments! by Maxim Bilovitskiy [YouTube] — Nihonium – THE MOST EXPENSIVE METAL IN THE UNIVERSE!
  3. Vickers Tactical by Larry Vickers [YouTube] — Beretta MX4 Storm
  4. Certifiably Ingame [YouTube] — 8 Failed Federation Experiments
  5. Nerdrotic by Gary Buechler [YouTube] — Star Trek Discovery Season 3 in Question After Netflix Rejects Picard
  6. Forgotten Weapons by Ian McCollum [YouTube] — The Brazilian Uru SMG: A Study in Simplicity
  7. The War On Guns by David Codrea — Rounding Up Shannon
  8. Breitbart NewsEXCLUSIVE: Facebook Includes Candace Owens On ‘Hate Agents’ List by Allum Bokhari
  9. HelloweenMy God-Given Right
  10. Honest Outlaw [YouTube] — 5 Best New Guns Of 2019
  11. What Da Math by Anton Petrov [YouTube] — Understanding White Holes – This Is What They Might Look Like
  12. Concealed Nation [CN] — Teacher Caught On Camera Planting 9mm Round In School Hallway To Try And Push For Metal Detectors by John Boch via The Truth About Guns [TTAG]
  13. ReasonThe Volokh Conspiracy: Does the Second Amendment Secure a Right to Carry Guns in Most Public Places? by Eugene Volokh
  14. Mises Wire from the Mises Institute — The Deep State’s Long Enmity Toward Iranians by Jacob Hornberger
  15. Pat Condell [YouTube] — Wake Up, America

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