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Saturday, 18 May 2019

Random Shots for Saturday, 18 May 2019

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Today in history


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  1. CBS News — ‘Black’ Names A Resume Burden? by Bootie Cosgrove-Mather
  2. BuzzFeed NewsBehind Twitter’s Plan To Get People To Stop Yelling At One Another by Nicole Nguyen
  3. Ars TechnicaSingle neutron star merger supplied half the Solar System’s plutonium by Chris Lee
  4. AmmoLand Shooting Sports NewsAmmoLand News Is Launching A Guide To Internet Privacy & Safety for U.S. Readers by John Crump
  5. TownhallHypocrite Alert: Gillibrand Admits She Never Truly Believed In The 2A by Beth Baumann
  6. OverkillWhite Devil Armory
  7. Vickers Tactical by Larry Vickers [YouTube] — Larry’s Delta CAR-15

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