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Sunday, 21 April 2019

Random Shots for Sunday, 21 April 2019

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Today in history


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    They can shack up in the hallways on the 11th floor of City Hall (1 Civic Plaza NW).

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    I’ve seen some of Schlichter’s commentary articles. I’m interested.

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    In today’s morning edition of the Albuquerque Journal, there’s a supplement titled “Speak Up, Speak Out, Make a Difference.”

    Pages 10 and 11 of that supplement are labeled “Gun Reform.”

    Page 10 reprints two editorials where the Journal’s editorial board called for “common-sense” victim disarmament statutes.

    Page 11 reprints letters to the editor from 3 April 2018, in two of which the writers called for more victim disarmament statutes.

    On the right side of page 11, there’s a sidebar labeled “The Results,” which listed the passage and signing of SB 8 (“universal background checks”) and SB 328 (“outlawing domestic abusers from owning firearms”).

    If the Journal’s editorial board is content to be cheerleaders for the Soros, Bloomberg et al victim disarmament industry, why should gun owners remain on its subscriber rolls?

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    Jamie Fraser-Paige — “anti-gun bigot Trump” as in bigoted against gun owners. Which Trump was up until he decided to run for President as a Republican.

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    When Democrats say “bipartisan,” it’s code-speak for “there’s Republicans that agree with us, so they’re OK for the moment.” Divide and conquer, in other words.

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    Also consider writing to the Journal’s advertisers to let them why you’re not a reader and thus not seeing their adverts.

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Once Upon a Time, I Proposed a Skit . . . .

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Back in the 1990s, a few of us Old Drunken Old Irrvelivent types were talking about potential skits for our public-access television presence (The Weekly Sedition, New Mexico’s Consumer Advocate, etc.).

One of the ideas that I came up with was to have two people sitting side by side at a table or desk, wearing black BDU-type shirts, black balaclava-type face masks, and black K-pot-type helmets. Something like this (minus the embroidery, web gear, weapons and chest plate) —

On the front of one of the helmets, there would be painted a rather conspicuous donkey. On the other, an elephant.

While sitting there on camera, our two TV stars would crack jokes and reminisce about how much fun it was to go after church groups, people wanting to be left alone, gun show promoters, and other “undesirables,” using lethal force, explosives, armored vehicles, and airstrikes, etc.

Such a skit might be considered “tasteless” (especially by the “You can’t say that!” crowd), but seriously, folks? How can signing off on such behavior, even implicitly, in the most roundabout fashion, be considered “tasteful” ?


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