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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Random Shots for Wednesday, 17 April 2019

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Today in history


  1. Target Books — Doctor Who and the Sunmakers by Terrance Dicks
  2. Thoisoi2 – Chemical Experiments! by Maxim Bilovitskiy [YouTube] — Molybdenum – A Metal That Forms Weird Solutions!
  3. Vickers Tactical by Larry Vickers [YouTube] — M3 Carl Gustav
  4. Overlord DVD [YouTube] — Star Trek Discovery News Update: Chaos Rumored as Picard Filming Delayed
  5. Slow Facts by Rob Morse — Fashionable Bigotry Against Gun Owners 2019
  6. Albuquerque Journal
    1. Opinion: Trump’s relocation plan puts sanctuary support to test by Cal Thomas
    2. Opinion: Speak out about nation’s cruelty to immigrants by Esther Cepeda
  7. OverkillThe Grinding Wheel
  8. Brides BlushWar Veteran Spends 60 Days On The Streets & Warns: Never Give To The Homeless Again by J.J. Foster
  9. AsstraTV [YouTube] — Top 10 Bullpup Assault Rifles In The World 2018

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