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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Arvin Vohra and Tiffany Diaz De Leon on Education

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Arvin Vohra
Thursday, November 1, 2018 at 11:42am

Education doesn’t have to be welfare. It doesn’t have to be paid for by taxes, or administered by government.

As an educator, I consider education to be the second most important part of life. The most important part is food. What if we treated education like food?

Some people would choose to provide education at home, just as today many people prepare meals at home. Some might use prepackaged curricula, like the Ron Paul Curriculum – just as today some people like prepared meals.

Others might find deep interest and passion in education, just as some people love exploring new recipes at home. Others might choose to use private schools, just as today people go to private restaurants. Some might have in-home tutors, just as today some people hire caterers.

Most people would probably use a mix – just as today, most people sometimes cook at home, sometimes microwave prepared meals, and sometimes eat at restaurants.

Separating education from the welfare state will give more choices, better quality, and lower taxes. If elected, I will do everything I can to end all government funded, subsidized, or managed education.


Arvin Vohra
Candidate for U.S. Senate

Let’s go a bit further here —

Tiffany Diaz De Leon
Thursday, November 1, 2018 at 6:30pm

Great Post.

In Washington State, our Dollar Stores are pretty high speed — fresh produce, dairy, lunch meat, aisles and aisles of crackers, noodles, condiments, soda.

Could a poor person survive on dollar store food only? Yes.

May not like it all of the time, but if you are poor what choice do you have?

Moving up the food/grocery ladder . . .

* Big Lots — discount store, some grocery
* Walmart
* Sam’s Club
* Costco
* Cash and Carry
* Standard grocery stores such as Safeway, Albertsons
* Wholefoods and PCC
* Small yuppie, posh grocery stores in smaller yuppie posh neighborhoods such as Harbor Greens with custom meat, expensive dressings, and overpriced olive bars.

Then onto higher-priced foods such as crab legs, lobster bisques, prime rib

– Sprinkle in, as above, (range of) restaurants and/or home delivered meals.

But instead of being food. Above could be education. Yes, Dollar Store – education. Yes, olive bar – education. Yes, home delivery — education.

Maybe parents can only afford dollar store food — to send their child to ‘Wholefoods’ – level education.

Answer is always the same = Subsidize Nothing.

Answer is always the same = Free Markets.

Food, education, dry-cleaning, medical care, socks, birth control, no matter = free market.

At least with education, the Internet (modem dinging sound effect) has leveled the playing field tremendously šŸ™‚


So instead of Uberizing education, you would prefer to keep your kids in the government-owned and -operated indoctrination and daycare centers public schools

  • Where your kids can sample all of the latest drugs, both recreational and officially-sanctioned?
  • Where your kids can get alcohol?
  • Where your kids can have sex with their peers (or teachers, or the janitor, or the “school resource officer”)?
  • Where your kids can go through metal detectors and / or get wand-raped before entering the building?
  • Where your kids can get their officially-issued ID card with embedded RFID chip (biometrics coming soon!)?
  • Where your kids can know that they’re safe because someone affixed a sign saying “NO WEAPONS ALLOWED” sign to a post on the property boundary?
  • Where your kids can be taught that a mile is a shorter distance than a kilometer?
  • Where your kids can be tasered, pepper-sprayed and handcuffed for the offense of “being out of line” ?


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