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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Gator vs. Pickup Truck

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Gator vs. Pickup Truck


Another Critter That Just Shouldn’t Be Messed With

This video clip NEVER gets old —

Those who have already installed youtube-dl need only copy and paste the following into their command-line interface for a copy of their very own —


I first saw this clip on Facebook (no audio on the FB version, apparently), and later tracked it down on YouTube. The YouTube clip is dated 21 May 2015 — over three years ago.

Either way, hats off to this particular gator, who decided that he (?) wasn’t going to take any more nonsense from the guy in the pickup truck.

I just love the way that the gator just lays there in front of the truck, holding the severed bumper cover in its teeth, as if saying to the driver, “You want some more of me, bozo? Bring it and see what happens.”

All the guy had to do was leave the gator alone, and he probably wouldn’t have had the front end of his truck getting tore up. Hope it was worth it.


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