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Monday, 4 December 2017

Random Shots for Monday, 4 December 2017

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Today in history


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    All Padilla needs to do is change his partisan affiliation to Republican so Wirth, Egolf et al can righteously dogpile upon Padilla without hesitation.

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    The Exodus of Productive Class people from KKKalifornia has only been going on for twenty years now.

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    “I have a problem with this. The issue was a decade ago and in time for settled.”

    So you don’t have any problems with Trump’s behavior from 2005 then?

    “Do we toss out advocates who do good work forever?”

    Padilla never was a good advocate for much, in my opinion. Still, standards where politics and politicians are concerned seem to be subjective and arbitrary (aesthetics certainly are), your mileage may vary, etc.


  1. Metallica — Hardwired . . . to Self-Destruct
  2. Marvel Comics —
    1. Star Wars: Doctor Aphra
    2. Star Wars (1979-1986)
  3. Dynamite Entertainment — Skin & Earth
  4. Del Rey Books [Ballantine] — Saga of Cuckoo: Wall Around a Star by Frederick Pohl and Jack Williamson
  5. Analog Science Fiction and Fact — pp. 4-7: Editorial: The Devil’s Advocates or This Magazine Kills Fascists, by Trevor Quachri
  6. Netflix — Daredevil
  7. Terminal Lance by Maximilian Uriarte — #222 “Anatomically Correct”
  8. The IndependentPrehistoric teeth fossils dating back 9.7 million years ‘could rewrite human history’ by Tom Embury-Dennis
  9. The Geek NerdomFox Will Go Ahead With Firefly If Whedon Is Willing! by “Jorah”
  10. Iron Maiden — Somewhere in Time
  11. Anti News Network [ANN] — Paypal Founder Builds World’s First Floating Nation To ‘Liberate Humanity From Politicians’
  12. Oath Keepers — Retired Standing Army Brass Urge Congress to Neuter Militia with Infringements by David Codrea
  13. Target Books — Doctor Who and the Seeds of Doom by Philip Hinchcliffe
  14. American NewsBreaking: Crooked Democrat Sentenced to 5 Years In Prison – Her Response Is Priceless by Nick Arama

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