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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Random Shots for Sunday, 5 November 2017

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Today in history


  1. The Cassandra Project by Jack McDevitt and Mike Resnick
  2. Terminal Lance by Maximilian Uriarte —
    1. #387 “Guide On”
    2. #451 “Bricks Life III”
  3. Tales From SYL Ranch by William Stone III — We Hold Your Life In Our Hands
  4. Breitbart News
    1. ANTIFAIL: Low Turnouts At Nationwide ‘Refuse Fascism’ Protests by Allum Bokhari
    2. Hollywood’s Accused Harassers, Molesters, Rapists – The Rap Sheet, 67 So Far by John Nolte
    3. Chris Matthews: Dems Have to Nominate Someone for 2020 Who Hasn’t Discarded the White Working Class by Trent Baker
  5. Albuquerque Business First [ABF] from American City Business Journals [ACBJ] — ABQ entertainment staple closes by Shelby Perea
  6. [CB] from Pop Culture Media — Did ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Secretly Introduce Another ‘Original Series’ Character? by Jamie Lovett
  7. DC Comics, Vertigo Comics — V for Vendetta
  8. V for Vendetta

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