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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Random Shots for Tuesday, 31 October 2017

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Today in history


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  1. Black Mirror
  2. Vengeance Unlimited
  3. Lifehacker Australia from Allure Media — 17 Science Fiction Books That Forever Changed The Genre by Ryan Plummer and Madeleine Monson-Rosen
  4. Ace Books [Berkley Publishing Group] — Igniting the Reaches by David Drake
  5. The Sportsman Channel —
    1. The Gunfather
    2. Handguns and Defensive Weapons
  6. BBC America — Doctor Who
  7. The Washington PostSpeaking of Science: A space rock from another star is spotted in our solar system – a cosmic first by Sarah Kaplan
  8. Dream Crasher by Daniel Salter and Reed Olsen
  9. Dokken —
    1. Erase the Slate

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