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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Random Shots for Tuesday, 24 October 2017

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Today in history


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    My contention is that “universal background checks” and other such restrictions don’t do anything to actually reduce or deter “gun violence” in any meaningful way.

    If these proposed statutes really worked as their proponents insist they will, why is “gun violence” so much more prevalent in the parts of America where those laws and regulations have already been enacted?

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    Aside from Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Baltimore, New York City, and such?

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    Liam Neeson and Marky-Mark Wahlberg, for starters.

    And then there’s Girly-Man Governator hisself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who took the extra step of signing a bill outlawing civilian possession of .50 BMG rifles in California in June, 2004, while he was the GOP governor there.

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    1. The Chevy page for the “Bolt” [ ] says that if you go for the “DC Fast Charging Capability” option, you get this:

      “This available option allows you to charge your Bolt EV at publically available DC Fast Charging stations

      Up to 90 miles of range in about 30 minutes of charge1

      1 GM-estimated. Actual charge time may vary due to outside temperatures.”

      That means WITH the “DC Fast Charging Capability,” you can go from almost-dead batteries to full charge in 80 minutes.

      If you use the 120V DC charge cord, you get “up to 4 EV miles per hour of charging” (again, “Based on charging levels and outside temperature”). That means a 60-hour charge time.

    2. It’s a Chevy, meaning it’s from GM. I’m still waiting for my dividend check from the 2008 bailout. NO, I will NOT accept an Obamacare subsidy instead.
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    “Children, today I’m going to show you how to delete classified emails from your home server . . .”

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    Not til it gets to an even billion.

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    Funny, I was under the impression that the job was already taken by the DNC and its state-level affiliates.

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    Just imagine the possibilities — live music on the ART busses!

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    2. Star Trek: The Next Generation
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  5. Podesta Art: Inside Tony Podesta’s Home
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    2. pp. 157-159: “Lips Together” by Ken Brady
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    4. pp. 164-169: “Where the Flock Wanders” by Andrew Barton
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    2. p.49: “To Care or Not to Care” by “deadbeat0”
  8. Ace Books [Berkley Publishing Group] — Igniting the Reaches by David Drake
  9. nmpolitics .net — On bail reform, let’s get a few things straight by Aubrey Blair Dunn
  10. Albuquerque Journal
    1. In response to far right, LGBTQ gun group hits firing line by Michael Hill, Associated Press
    2. Berry unveils plan to strengthen Albuquerque’s music ecosystem by Martin Salazar, Journal Staff Writer
  11. KRQE 13 TV [CBS affiliate for Albuquerque, New Mexico] — Dem attorneys general unite against concealed-carry gun law by Steve Peoples, Associated Press
  12. NewsweekChinese Young People Are Rejecting Communist Party Propaganda and the Government Is Freaking Out by Tom Porter
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  14. Dokken — Back for the Attack
  15. Tactical ShitFrom The Gym To The Gun Range, Antifa Is Learning To Fight by “Mo_tard”
  16. The Daily WireThis Page From A New Children’s Book About Hillary Clinton Is Hilariously Crazy by Hank Berrien
  17. KUPI 29 TV [Heroes & Icons (H&I) affiliate for Albuquerque, New Mexico] — Star Trek: The Next Generation
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