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Friday, 13 October 2017

Random Shots for Friday, 13 October 2017

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    One down already, before CTBNM has raised any money, set up a real website, or anything!

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    Pamela Smith makes the Albuquerque Journal!

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    Is the STD still transmissible to others?

    If so, then failure to disclose is at least a form of fraud, especially if the partner in question asked about STDs.

    Why is this even a question?

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    I’ve heard about this particular bit of insanity from a sane friend who lives in the San Francisco area.

    KKKalifornia is a clusterfuck in so many other ways.

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    My own way of fucking with the “progressive” types a bit, that’s all.

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    ^ THIS

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    If they’re passing diseases on to other people in the process of those sexual acts, YES.

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    If you’re a bugchaser or don’t mind getting infected with an STD, that’s on you.

    If I got infected with an STD because a partner didn’t feel like telling me about it, I’d be extremely pissed.

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    How so?

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    Welcome to the Libertarian Bigots Club, Jason!

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    If a man passes a disease on to a woman, that’s causing an injury, and a NAP violation, just as much as man-on-man transmission of the disease.

    If a woman passes the disease on to a man, that’s also causing an injury, and NAP violation (waiting for you to call that “misogyny” on my part).

    If bugchasers voluntarily sign up to be infected, that’s on them.

    The NAP violation occurs when you infect someone who doesn’t want to be infected.

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    I’ll take the above label of me as a “bigot” as a compliment.

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    For those who think that failure to disclose an infectious STD to a potential sex partner is “NAP compliant,” and that I’m a “bigot” for suggesting otherwise, I recommend a 2016 / 2017 “Libertarian” version of Orwell’s “Two Minute Hate” from 1984:

    Face your bathroom mirror holding your Johnson-Weld yard sign and scream “GARY! GARY! GARY GARY!” for as long as you can keep it up.

    The fact remains that bugchasers are minority of minorities of the LGBTQ community, and that most people, regardless of sexual proclivities, don’t want to be infected with STDs if they can avoid it.

    For those that ARE OK with being infected, that’s on them.


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