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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Random Shots for Thursday, 12 October 2017

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Today in history


  1. Re: End systemic disenfranchisement of independent voters

    “The Parties in NM can’t afford to run primaries properly”

    Why is this a problem for people who aren’t Party members?

    Let the parties (“major,” “minor,” whatever) choose their own method(s) of candidate selection, and let those parties pay for it on their own.

    Or completely do away with partisan voter registration and partisan ballot listings — I’m OK with that, too. I’m almost anti-partisan at this point.

    Regardless, candidates should be free to advertise themselves as they see fit.

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    I don’t have any kids myself, so where does this “our children” bit come from?

    Why am I obligated to subsidize other people having kids they can’t otherwise pay for on their own?

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    You call it “inaction, incompetence, etc.” I call it a bit of much-needed, long-overdue fiscal responsibility.

    It never was and should not be government’s function to subsidize every aspect of human existence.

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    Now that’s some serious hate mail!

    You know the cliche — you take flak when you’re over the target.

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    The Russians did it.

    (Every time something goes wrong for a Democrat, just say “The Russians did it” and run that complaint of theirs into the ground.)

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    Getting tired of judges who view the federal and State Constitutions as their personal Charmin rolls where your liberty and property are concerned?

    It’s just a bare-bones page right now (no content yet), and there’s at least one person sharing it.

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    What the State Auditor is SUPPOSED to do is examine the financial ledgers of State and local government agencies to find misdeeds and corruption involving public funds.

    How would you assess Keller’s record in that regard?

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    Lyndon Johnson. Of all people, he ought to know, considering some of the legislation that he personally signed into “law.”

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    NOTE — This is a TENTATIVE list being posted here:

    State Supreme Court

    Charles W. Daniels
    Petra Jimenez Maes

    NM Court of Appeals

    Henry Bohnhoff
    Emil J Kiehne
    Stephen French

    2nd Judicial District (Bernalillo)
    Division XXV, Albuquerque – Jane Levy

    3rd Judicial District (Dona Ana)
    Division III, Las Cruces – Conrad F. Perea

    5th Judicial District (Chaves, Eddy and Lea)
    Division X, Roswell – Dustin K. Hunter

    6th Judicial District (Grant, Hidalgo & Luna)
    Division I, Silver City – Timothy Aldrich

    7th Judicial District (Catron, Sierra, Socorro & Torrance)
    Division III, Estancia – Shannon Murdock


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    What have they done to warrant retention?

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