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Monday, 18 September 2017

Random Shots for Monday, 18 September 2017

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    Too funny to not share!

    Seth Anderson Bailey
    Sunday, September 17, 2017 at 4:45pm

    On my left, we have Hormone Disaster. Special Attack: Morning Wood
    On my right we have Nazi Walrus Special Attack: Hungry Hungry Hitler
    Who wins??? React to Choose Your Fighter!

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    Most horror (especially Stephen King’s stuff) bores me to tears.

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    This has been part of the victim disarmers’ schtick for decades.

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    I voted for Johnson in 2016, and I most certainly do regret it. First time in 20+ years that I felt and thought that my vote was wasted by voting Libertarian.

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    Arvin Vohra
    Thursday, August 31, 2017 at 2:58pm

    Libertarianism, as a purely political philosophy, technically allows collectivism, drug use, laziness, racial isolationism, and many other kinds of underachieving. But the free market, which accompanies Libertarianism, is far less forgiving.

    If you use a lot of drugs, Libertarianism won’t stop you. But the free market may punish you just as brutally as the state does. If your hobby makes you economically worthless, the free market holds you accountable. However, if your drug use inspires you to make great music or art, the free market rewards you.

    Don’t want to work? Libertarianism won’t force you to. The free market, however, has a different view of laziness. It won’t lecture you on the value of hard work. It will just show you the consequences of the lack of it.

    Don’t want to learn anything? Libertarianism gives you the freedom to be uneducated. The free market, however, usually feels differently. It punishes ignorance and lack of skill far more quickly and strictly than any truant officer.

    If you believe in collectivism instead of individualism, Libertarianism won’t stop you. If you make a well functioning collective, the free market may reward you. If you discover, as so many do, that great individuals tend to be drawn to individualist rather than collectivist cultures, the free market will make you pay for your collectivism.

    If you want to make a racially isolated group, Libertarianism won’t stop you. But the free market may have something to say. Racially isolated groups tend to achieve much less than their counterparts who face constant challenges and innovations. Japan during its two century isolation turned into a cultural backwater and technological laughingstock. Although its culture was entirely dedicated to war, the lack of cultural and technological competition made it no longer militarily competitive. Cultural challenges, innovation, and competition has, on the other hand, made America a technological and cultural powerhouse. Even in America, the most stagnant areas are those with only one ethnic group. The most vibrant and innovative cities have the most cultural diversity.

    Libertarianism allows you to have any belief you want, no matter how silly. But unlike statism, it doesn’t subsidize them. The free market holds you accountable for the effectiveness of your beliefs and behaviors.


    Arvin Vohra
    Vice Chair
    Libertarian Party

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    We (the pre-April 2017 LPNM) tried to coalition with the local Green Party at various times between 1995 and 1998. Other times they would just show up at our Albuquerque-area meet-and-greet events and try to recruit us into their organization. Mostly, any “coalitions” that we agreed to revolved around ballot access, then the Greens would attempt to hijack our presence by bringing in the rest of their nonsensical platform — jacked-up minimum wage, global minimum wage, public funding for candidates, their version of “single-payer” healthcare, etc., etc. At which point, said coalition fell apart, the Greens couldn’t figure out why, and we wondered why we ever bothered in the first place.

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