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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

[LTE – Alibi] Berry and ART — The Best and the Worst

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Speaking as a long-time reader of the Alibi and resident of Albuquerque, I find it rather hilarious that Richard Berry wins both the “Best City Politician to Get a Pat on the Back” and the “Best City Politician to Get a Punch in the Nose” awards in the 2017 Best of Burque poll.

(If it matters to anyone, I would have supported him for the latter prize.)

On top of that, Berry’s inane make-work destruction of Central Ave (some call it “ART” for “Albuquerque Rapid Transit”) won both awards for “Best Use of City Money” and “Best Waste of City Money” simultaneously.

How is something a good use of public funds and also a waste of those same funds?

Schizophrenic the body politic is here in Albuquerque, that’s for sure.

What this tells me is that Burquenos want their elephante blanco projects, just so long as those projects aren’t “too” disruptive of the daily ebb and flow, meaning that they aren’t personally inconvenienced by these boondoggles.

What people don’t seem to get too well is that these projects almost always do more harm than good — most of the jobs created by them end when the project is finished (that’s the nature of the construction industry), and the tourism business that they bring in almost always falls short of projections that are hailed as Holy Scripture by the projects’ backers.

So what will happen when the Berry Runner is completed? Which of the businesses currently trying to stay afloat along its route will still be in business when it’s completed?

How many of Burquenos who currently support the Berry Runner will actually ride it after it’s done?

Time will tell, but I’m not optimistic on this one.

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