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Friday, 20 January 2017

Random Shots for Friday, 20 January 2017

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    Try owning an AR-15 or AK-47 type rifle in California, New York, Massachusetts, or New Jersey (especially the urban areas) before lecturing others about “tolerance” and “letting other people be,” OK?

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    My guns, my choice.

    My money, my choice.

    My diet, my choice.

    My books, my choice.

    Ad infinitum.

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    Governments don’t have rights, only individuals have rights. Governments have specific powers delegated to them by their constituents.

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    As for what “1488” means to the Aryan Airheads —

    1. The “14” is short for “14 words” —

      “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

    2. The “88” serves a double meaning — “H” is the 8th letter of the Latin / English alphabet, so “88” stands in for “HH” as in “Heil Hitler,” as well as David Lane’s “88 Precepts” —

  5. – Re: Gun-safety group was top spender among Roundhouse lobbyists in 2016

    “The biggest spender among lobbyists in New Mexico last year was not employed by an oil company or a tobacco company or a mining company. Instead, it was a New York-based advocacy group for gun safety that spent $219,500.

    “The reports, filed this week with the Secretary of State’s Office, show that Pedro Morillas, regional director for Everytown for Gun Safety,”

    If “Everytown for Gun Safety” was truly about promoting firearms safety, they would offer training where people could learn how to handle, use, carry and store firearms in a safe manner.

    Instead, that sort of training is offered by the outfit that “Everytown for Gun Safety” complains about on a regular basis as The Scourge Of America — the National Rifle Association of America.

    While “Everytown for Gun Safety” could be offering firearms training, all they do instead is lobby governmental bodies in the name of restricting the inherent individual, civil, Constitutional right of Americans to own and carry weapons. The Constitution doesn’t give anyone that right — the right is a pre-existing one, accorded to everyone at birth as a matter of being born as a sapient (self-aware) entity.

    White, black, Latin, Asian, or Native, gay, straight or bi, cis or trans, male or female, Christian, Jew, Hindu, pagan or Muslim — the Second Amendment doesn’t discriminate.

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    Funny how conservatives and libertarians didn’t behave anything like this on 20 January 2009 or 20 January 2013.

    And there are people in the LP that want to not only look to these people for “common cause,” but recruit them to the LP and run them as candidates.

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    John Parrott — How does the tax collection agency know whether or not the object being sold is new or not?

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    From the original post [ ] —

    “Libertarians are isolationists”

    This sort of slander and libel has been aimed at the LP since the LP was founded in December, 1971.

    Isolationism is the Great Wall of China, Hadrian’s Wall across Britain, Imperial China between 1757 and 1840, and the Japanese Shogunate between 1635 and 1853.

    Libertarians aren’t isolationists, but *non-interventionists* (there’s a difference — look it up, you can’t expect me to do your work for you), as in we don’t want America to run the lives of the 7,181,000,000 non-Americans around the world.

    Comments like these make me ashamed to be part Polish, and are a data point in support of the Polish jokes in the 15 or so volumes of the Truly Tasteless Jokes series.

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    And that’s just what’s on the NRA site.

    Here’s a list of the instructors certified by the State to teach the concealed carry course:

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    We received it loud and clear here in New Mexico, after repeated infiltration attempts by the Greens in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

    The 2016 Gary Johnson campaign was actively trying to recruit these types, purely for short-term gain (boosting the membership rolls and such). Had to kick a guy off our FB page recently because he thought that he should have carte blanche access to post anti-DAPL material there (we’re in New Mexico, he lives in San Francisco, the DAPL site is in North Dakota, and he can’t figure out why that sort of nonsense isn’t wanted on our page).

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